Silverbacks is the name of our weekly Climbing Community for those aged 50+. It takes place every Tuesday from 12pm until 5pm and is open to both our regular climbers and complete beginners.

Climbing is one of only a few sports which is recognised as having ‘lifetime participation’. This means people enjoy climbing throughout their life, from young to old; age is not a limiting factor.

It’s a really social activity and is great for general fitness. It uses mind and body, strength and balance, technique and problem solving and, with our continual ‘route setting’ program, there’s always a fresh challenge!

Here at Highball you can enjoy bouldering (climbing with no rope/harnesses), climbing (with ropes and harnesses for protection), and low level traversing (climbing sidewise at a low level).

We’ve also got a fantastic cafe serving great coffee, cakes and food.



If you are a beginner or novice, you’ll need to be supervised when climbing until such a time when you are suitably experienced, safe and competent to climb independently. You can be supervised by a suitably experienced friend/family members etc.. or by a member of the HIghball Team on one of our supervised sessions. The two main sessions we run during Silverbacks are:

Taster Session 60mins: If you’ve little or no climbing experience, this is the best place to start; it’s a supervised climbing session with one of our trained instructors. It’s a group session with a maximum of six people and you’ll have a go at both climbing (with ropes and harnesses) and bouldering (no ropes/harnesses). After this session you’ll have good idea of what indoor climbing is all about and the instructor will go over your next steps.

Bouldering Induction 60mins: If you’ve climbed before and/or, have a definite interest in bouldering (climbing without ropes/harnesses), this session will teach you all you need to know about climbing safely on a indoor bouldering wall. After this session, you should be suitably experienced to climb without supervision and climb independently.

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For regular climbers, you can climb for just £5 (if you check in before 5pm) and this includes shoe hire if you don’t have your own which, is a saving of up to £6. If you’ve not been here before you’ll need to register* before climbing.

Our team can introduce you to other Silverback members and a one of our in house coaching team will be on hand from 2pm to offer free coaching and advice to help you improve your technique and/or confidence.

Remember: Your £5 entry has no time limit – it’s a day pass; you can stay as long as you want.

*Registration costs £2


12:00 Centre Opens / Welcome
13:00 Taster Session or Bouldering Induction – Book Online
14:00 Free Coaching Session
15:00 ‘Afternoon Tea’ Deals


Silverback Benefits:

  • Reduced priced entry. £5 Day Pass* before 5pm and shoe hire.
  • Discounted Bouldering Inductions and Taster Sessions
  • Free Coaching and Advice from one of our team
  • Great Offers on the Cafe
  • Private Coaching Sessions Available
  • Remember! A day pass has no time limit; you can climb beyond 5pm.
Over 50's Climbing Community


A review from Kevin – 12 March 2017
“About a year ago I took part in a Booster Course at HighBall to improve my climbing ability. I recently asked if I could repeat the course and was asked if I would write a few lines as a kind of review. The course took place over four weeks with one 2 hour session each week and cost about £60. I was one of six students and, at 56 years of age, the oldest. I had not been bouldering for long and wanted to curb any bad habits before they had a chance to become embedded.
The first lesson covered suitable warm up and stretching routines and an assessment of each students current ability. Basic technique and mental attitude were also addressed in a friendly and straightforward manner.
Subsequent sessions covered route planning, body positioning, strength building and conditioning technique. I felt that I  personally benefited enough from the first two lessons alone to justify the entire cost of the course It was hugely beneficial to see how my fellow students dealt with the same routes, often finding different solutions to the same problem based on their particular strengths or weaknesses. Differences in height, weight, strength and flexibility force innovation to overcome problems and demonstrated that it is not always a question of who has the longest reach. My usual climbing partners commented on the improvement in my climbing generated by the instruction and I continue to benefit from the input by Ben and Leah during that Booster 1.”

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