Get into climbing this June!

Our experience Coaching Team have put together some great packages and fantastic offers to get you (or your friends and family) climbing this June.

Experience the fun and thrill of Climbing and Bouldering with 50% off our great value climbing Taster Sessions.
Now from just £5.50 pp (Min. Age 12yrs)
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Become an Independent Boulder with 50% off a 1 hour Bouldering Induction.
Now just £10 pp (Min Age 14)
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Learn To Climb – The Full Package! 25% off the most comprehensive climbing course in Norfolk.
Now from just £45 pp (Min Age 16)
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60 Mins | From £10

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Taster sessions are the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to try it out; it’s a perfect have a go session.

You’ll experience both climbing (with ropes) and bouldering (climbing without ropes and harnesses) and by the end, you’ll know if you want to take it further, which of course, you will! READ-MORE-BUTTON


60 Mins | From £16

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If you know bouldering is what what you want to do, then the induction is your starting point. This group session is hosted by one of our climbing instructors who will teach you how to climb safely using indoor bouldering walls. The aim of the session is for you to feel confident to come back and climb independently (without needing supervision) in the future.



6 or 8 hrs | From £50

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This course is the full monty; it’s the most comprehensive climbing course in Norwich and Norfolk! It teaches you how to how to use ropes, harnesses and other equipment to keep you safe when you use higher climbing walls and also includes your bouldering too. Once you’ve completed this course, you should feel confident to come back and climb safely on all our indoor climbing walls.


60mins | From £35

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For people who haven’t climbed for awhile and feel they need a refresher/assessment of their climbing skills before climbing unsupervised.

A 1hr Supervised Session with a qualified instructor. The instructor will observe your competence in using all the equipment correctly and safely, and also assess your belaying technique. Your instructor will offer reassurance (or corrective instruction and guidance) as required, assessing your safety and competence throughout.



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Pretty much anyone can go climbing. At entry level it can cater for all ages and abilities, including people with mental or physical disabilities. It’s also considered a ‘lifetime participation sport’. You can start climbing at around age four or five and continue into your eighties and beyond!

People of all shapes and sizes enjoying climbing, either for fun, fitness or the friendly social atmosphere. Whilst strength can be seen as the obvious advantage, it’s actually more important to develop good technique and balance. The more efficient you can be through your movement, the more you save your strength. Most people tend to progress quickly with good basic coaching and advice.


Climbing is a full body workout, engaging your large muscle groups, core muscles and, of course, your fingers, arms and shoulders. It can strengthen your back and climbing regularly can help to prevent back pain as well as increasing strength, stamina and improving body tone.

It’s also a mental workout, involving concentration, problem solving and plenty of determination. The hardest part of a climb can sometimes be just figuring out (and remembering) the right ‘sequence of moves’.


One of the great things about climbing is the way the climbing walls are laid out. The walls are covered in coloured climbing holds with each line of colours representing a certain level of difficulty. This means people who climb at different levels can climb together in the same area. It makes it fun and social, and because good climbing centres change (reset) their climbing holds regularly, there are always new challenges to take on.

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