4 x 120min | £60

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This popular course is designed either for those new to climbing, ‘ex-climbers’ who have been a way from the sport for a while and want a refresher, or those who have self-taught but now feel they would benefit from some more structured coaching to help them progress.

Session Details
Booster 1 covers footwork, body position, balance and movement, as well as covering basic bouldering terminology and different hold types (and how to hold them). We’re confident that by the last session you will have a greater understanding of climbing techniques and as a result, you’ll be succeeding on climbs you couldn’t do before.

Session Time: 4 x 120mins Sessions | Group Size: 1:6
Note: you must have completed a bouldering induction first. This course requires a minimum of 4 people to run.


4 x 120min | £60

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For climbers who have completed Booster 1 and who want to continue to consolidate their technique and improve their climbing.

Course Details:
This course aims to consolidate all the techniques learned previously and adds a few new ones for good measure, to help increase your knowledge and ability. It also focuses on effective training to help you build a climbing routine that’s best for you.

Session Time: 4 x 120mins Sessions
Group Size: 1:6

Please note: This course requires a minimum of 4 people to run.


30mins | £5 + Standard Entry

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Auto Belays are safety devices which allow you to use our higher climbing walls safely, without needing a belayer – someone on the other end of the rope. During the 30 minute auto belay induction, a member of the team will provide instruction on how to correctly use and fit a climbing harness, along with how to use the auto belay itself.


1 x 4hr | £75

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For Top Rope Climbers climbing at least 5+ who want to learn how to lead climb and lead belay safely.

Session Details
This workshop covers lead belaying skills, ‘clipping’ technique, fall confidence – and how to fall safely – and lead climbing technique. It has a smaller group size which means its very focused but still great fun. After the workshop you’ll be ready to take your climbing to the next level with your newfound skills!

Time: 1 x 4hr Sessions
Group Size: 1:4
Day: 3rd Saturday of the Month
Includes all equipment is provided
Booking Essential.

Please note: This course requires a minimum of 2 people to run.


60mins | From £35

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For people who haven’t climbed for awhile and feel they need a refresher/assessment of their climbing skills before climbing unsupervised.

A 1hr Supervised Session with a qualified instructor. The instructor will observe your competence in using all the equipment correctly and safely, and also assess your belaying technique. Your instructor will offer reassurance (or corrective instruction and guidance) as required, assessing your safety and competence throughout.



1:1 or 1:2 | £35 per hour

Highball is committed to helping people get climbing and become better climbers. Our in house team offer coaching by the hour for 1 or 2 people, and we regularly invite top climbers and coaches to come and deliver their own Masterclasses.

Keep an eye out on our news pages, facebook and twitter for up to date information about Masterclasses. We aim to have a ‘Climbing Athlete/Coach’ visit us once every few months.

1:1 1:2 Coaching – £35 per hour
Booking Essential

Masterclasses – Dates and Prices Vary
Booking Essential.

For Booking:
01603 513513


BOOSTER 1 REVIEW: from Kevin – 12 March 2017
“About a year ago I took part in a Booster Course at HighBall to improve my climbing ability. I recently asked if I could repeat the course and was asked if I would write a few lines as a kind of review.

The course took place over four weeks with one 2 hour session each week and cost about £60. I was one of six students and, at 56 years of age, the oldest. I had not been bouldering for long and wanted to curb any bad habits before they had a chance to become embedded.

The first lesson covered suitable warm up and stretching routines and an assessment of each students current ability. Basic technique and mental attitude were also addressed in a friendly and straightforward manner.

Subsequent sessions covered route planning, body positioning, strength building and conditioning technique. I felt that I  personally benefited enough from the first two lessons alone to justify the entire cost of the course It was hugely beneficial to see how my fellow students dealt with the same routes, often finding different solutions to the same problem based on their particular strengths or weaknesses. Differences in height, weight, strength and flexibility force innovation to overcome problems and demonstrated that it is not always a question of who has the longest reach. My usual climbing partners commented on the improvement in my climbing generated by the instruction and I continue to benefit from the input by Ben and Leah during that Booster 1.”

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