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TBC August Edition | Highball Events

On the 16th August it is the second edition of the TBC Series! A climbing comp aimed at those mainly climbing up to our circuit 3 (6b+).

It’s a social comp too, so not just all about competing! We have had climbers from the age of 4 competing within the TBC Comp before!

The blocs are being put up by some of the in house crew with the chief Guy watching over the setting making sure they are suitably accessible! Pre-register for the online scorecard here ready to mark those ascents!


Re-Registration | Highball Events

As a business we need to make sure the data we store is accurate. As a climbing centre, we also need to make sure your registration status is renewed regularly.

Currently, we require everyone to re-register every 3 years. Believe it or not, it has now been 3 years since ‘the big registration of 2016’ and many of you will be receiving an email (if we have your correct email?) that your registration will expire in 14 days. Note this is not a marketing email, it is about your registration, so if you opted out of marketing emails, you should still receive this.

There is a link on the email to the online registration form and we recommend you register online as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can register on the ipads when you come into the centre, but please be patient if reception is busy.

For Members and Punchcard Holders (self check-in): If your registration has expired there will be an alert when you try and check in. You will not be able to climb until you have completed the registration form.

Thanks for your patience.

The Service team.





Summer Offers | Highball Holidays

Throughout the summer we are running 20% off some of our fun sessions! With the choice between HighballPlay and BoulderingClub for the young ones. While offering the same discount on our Intro to Bouldering for the Adults to get you active and involved! Once you have attended an Intro to Bouldering you’ll be able to confidently supervise up to 2 people above the age of 8!

All you need to do while booking is to enter this code SUMMERFUN20 while making the booking and 20% will reduced from the selected sessions!


Class Schedule | Highball Studio

The class program has been updated for August with a few changes to the Yoga Classes and you can view the full calendar here.

Andy is moving his class from Thursday to Monday evening and in the process, doubling up. His classes will start at 18:30 and 19:30. Kate is adding further classes on Thursday evenings, starting with a 18:30 class and if this one fills, we’ll quickly add a second one at 19:30. Toni continues Pilates on Wednesdays at 19:30 and Kates Sunday morning classes will also continue.

As its summer there are a few odd dates some won’t be running, but the calendar is correct, as things stand!


Ladies Night | Highball Events

Due to the TBC Comp running the same evening as this months Ladies Night, we are only running our free Ladies coaching! There is currently only 1 space left for this months coaching, grab the space while you can!

In September we shall be offering our usual discounted Intro to Bouldering and Taster Session for you lovely ladies alongside the free coaching!

Book online by heading here on our website or give us a call on 01603 513513


Summer Coolers | BetaCafe

With the heat fluctuating to some ridiculous temperatures at the minute we are maintaining our brunch menu and summer drinks menu too keep you guys fuelled and cooled throughout your climbs!

Slight changes with the brunch menu come in the form of a fruit pot, lighter bits like our croissants and pain au chocolat, which you can now get with a little filling of ham and cheese or tomato and cheese. Obviously not forgetting our grab and go bits like our overnight oats and granola and of course the breakfast wraps and muffins are still here, alongside our pancakes too!

The cold range of drinks is still the same with options such as, milkshakes, smoothies, iced black, iced latte, espresso on ice and affogata!

HB BetaCafe

Trip Advisor | Review us!

We’re just short of a target of 100 reviews on Trip Advisor, and have been awarded a centre of excellence! If you have 5 minutes, and feel we deserve a review, pop on there and give us a quite write-up! You’d be doing us a huge favour.


Route Setting | News On The Bloc

6-7th – Zone 2 & Stamina Board – In house crew

14th-15th – Zone 3 – Ben West

20th-21st – Zone 5 Full reset – Max Ayrton



TBC Comp Series
Ladies Night
Studio Classes
Zone 2, 3 and 5 reset
Squad Zone


Ladies Night
Studio Classes
Zone 4, 5 and 1 Reset
Squad Zone

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