Born and raised within the flatlands of Norfolk I found it hard to comprehend the idea of climbing when I was younger. But after a few sessions during my time within the Scout movement, I soon become hooked.

After some years floating between education and those crazy later teenage years, I re-found climbing at the one and only Highball within its early years and knew again this was a sport for me. Another short time of floating between different life paths, with more and more climbing involved obviously, and finally, I made the decision to head to Buxton in the Peak District to study Outdoor Leadership & Adventure Tourism.

Those 3 years in Buxton opened my mind to the world of all aspects of climbing. No more being just a plastic puller, I was psyched to be shredding my skin on the world renowned Peak District gritstone (when the weather allowed). After finding my passion in ‘Trad’ climbing I took any chance to go climbing I could with the group of dirtbags I’d become acquainted with. Many an epic occurred within that crew, whether it was on a single pitch at Froggatt or Multi-pitching in Wales there would be something to worry about; its all part of that learning experience though and I’ve got some pretty good memories popping up even just by writing this. Even though the personal climbing trips where sometimes sketchy in the early years, uni really did give me the opportunity to climb in some amazing places within the UK and under the watchful eye of the experienced lecturers and guides.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to make the most of the ‘Camp America’ experience, in a climbing sense of course, where I was hired as a climbing instructor throughout 4 separate summer seasons at the same camp within North Carolina. Over those 4 summer work season was up I got to travel around the country after my work period; where I managed to climb in various locations around the US such as North Carolina, Rockies/Boulder area in Colorado, Salt Lake City, Yosemite, Chattanooga and Moab in Utah. Most of those places where spent sleeping in the back of a 1996 Ford Explorer SUV, cheap and easy! It hasn’t all been fun and games in the States though, I managed to break my Tibia in my 3rd season so that summer was a right off; luckily I got on well with the summer camp owners and they managed to find plenty of work for me, as well a personal golf cart for that season!

Ben is also my hero

Climbing isn’t the only thing that’s happened in my life you’ll be surprised to hear, I’ve worked over in BC, Canada, at a Ski Resort called Fernie. Where I managed to be able to have a full season in the deep deep Canadian snow, until 2 weeks to the end of the season when I may have bailed and landed on my shoulder and then separated my AC (seriously accident prone I know..). I’ve always enjoyed casual photography too, which I’m now starting to expand into with work and personal aims so excited to see where that goes.

After coming back to the UK in September 2017, I became part of the Highball crew and I’ve been around ever since. That is pretty much that folks!

Smiley, adventurous, easy going, full of coffee.

Climbing (obviously), vinyls, DJing, photography, snowboarding.

This is a tough one so I’m giving three! Isatis at Fontainbleau, Froggatt edge in the Peak and Australia in Llanberis Slate Quarry.

‘Toddys Overhang’ at Froggatt has to be up there, nice mantle into a lovely slab climb to the top.

La Quille at Bois Rond in Fontainbleau, not my style of climbing but the line sucked me in!

‘Trust’ at 4th Cloud on Staff Grit and ‘Long Tall Sally’ at Burbage North.

5.10 Anasazi Pro, Rab Vapour-Rise Alpine Jacket, Black Diamond Camalots

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