Where to begin… Probably with the big bang? But personally I don’t know much about that, so maybe we can just skip over that bit? Maybe more to the Dinosaurs, as they are more my domain as of sorts… Dinosaurs, (If you wish to believe in them) are certainly interesting creatures, being either reptiles or birds – not quite sure which one to be honest.

When I was young I loved Dinosaurs (which I am sure at least some of you share). The problem with growing up is that as you get older, people stop asking you what your favourite Dinosaur is, which I personally feel is quite a shame as we’ve all got them (I did steal this from the world wide web); But ignoring that, if you guys & gals have the misfortune of seeing me somewhere around the center, be it doing the clombering, or working, let me know what your favourite Dinosaur is! I suppose I should tell the small amount of people who have gotten this far what my fave is! Yutyrannus!

I feel a lot of people having gotten older, and hence asked less frequently, so have forgotten what their favourite Dinosaur is. So I suggest you take a minute and just refresh yourself, just in case someone does ask you.

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