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The Atmosphere

Our final instalment of our Nukids Series took place on the 14th December and what a turn out! Over 90 of you, from all ages turned up to give their best at the blocs Guy, Tom and special setter ‘Bradley Biceps’. The ‘Topgun’ for this round was 200, meaning it was a pretty hard round!

Coming up close to the festive period everyone was in high spirits. Ely climbing squad made an appearance again and it was a pleasure to have them back again after The Big Flash Nukids, bringing their strong climbers as usual!


Captain Sam, the magician in the kitchen, producing those amazing wraps for you!


Attacking The Blocs

Some super interesting blocs up on the wall for this round, notoriously hard set, with the lapis balls making a come back on the comp wall. Guy producing some techy & momentum based problems, Tom plastering some rather crimpy & strong climbs and Bradley producing some dynamically challenging blocs! A lot of people got ‘sandbagged’ by a number of the problems, so that means plenty of workable projects for those of you who didn’t manage some of the blocs.

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Wrap Up For December NuKids

As usual we love hosting our NuKids comp because of the crowd it brings in! Super friendly, psyched locals and not so locals as far as the eye could see (within the centre). Benny wraps this Decembers Nukids with the following statement – “Strange set but good fun, everyone loved getting their hands on the lapis ball bloc, Kieran Hodgson pulled the cards out correctly and won himself £100! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid!”.

We’re already looking forward to our next instalment! We hope you guys are too!


NuKids 14th December Results

Senior Female
1st – Amanda Burke
2nd – Becca Harris
3rd – Laura Baldwin
Senior Male
1st – Luke Forest
2nd – Nick Shack
3rd – Adam Barker
1st – Jason Didwell
2nd – John Churcher
3rd – Seb Duncan


Youth A Female
Youth A Male
1st – Alex Scarbourgh
Youth B Male
1st – Jamie Cayfield
2nd – Stan Reed
3rd – Dylan Burge


Youth B Female
1st – Lydia Benjamin
2nd – Freya Reeve
Youth C Male
1st – Kieran Hodgson
Youth C Female
1st – Lottie Benjamin
2nd – Esme Fothergill


Youth D Male
1st – Ethan Cole
2nd – Lucas Pearce
3rd – Ben Livermore

Youth D Female
1st – Cara Feeney
2nd – Josephine Bundock
3rd – Hannah Pearce

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMETEAM NAMEEVENTAGEGENDER123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSPOINTS  
1Hannah PearceYOUTH D+F2211200024
2Josephine BundockYOUTH D+F1112111118100087
3Cara FeeneyThe Sly FeeneysYOUTH D+F11112111111101000107
4Ben LivermoreYOUTH D+M11114000040
5Lucas PearceYOUTH D+M1111116000060
6Ethan CoveClimbing CoveYOUTH D+M1111111111100000100
7Esme FothergillYOUTH CF11111111111111111170000170
8Lottie BruceYOUTH CF11111111111111113112181100191
9Gina ParrChalkey BeastsYOUTH CF12112111112111112111121111215000245
10Kieran HodgsonYOUTH CM1111111111111130000130
11Freya ReeveYOUTH BF1111111111100000100
12Lydia BenjaminHighball SquadYOUTH BF11111111111121111111191000197
13Hannah BrownYOUTH BF111111111221111111111111222000234
14Katie FisherYOUTH BF11111111112111111111111111251000257
15Lily BirdChalkey BeastsYOUTH BF1111111111111112111111111241000247
16Beth BarnardChalkey BeastsYOUTH BF12111111131111131111221183200209
17Dylan BurgeYOUTH BM121111111211111111162000174
18Stan ???YOUTH BM111111211111111111171000177
19Jamie CayfieldElyschemeYOUTH BM1211111112111111111172000184
20Sam PestellYOUTH BM1111111111111111111112211000217
21Rhys PhillipsYOUTH BM1111111113211111211231311193300223
22Jacks Barrett-KellyYOUTH BM141111111111111111111111230010232
23Ben BiggsEly(scheme?)YOUTH BM11111111131111111111131313220400236
24Tom BiggsKings ElyYOUTH BM11111111122111111111131211223100245
25Finn DuncanChalkey BeastsYOUTH BM121111111211111131111121411223110247
26Hannah WhaleySENIORF111121111111111211111211213000231
27Amanda BurkeSENIORF11111121111111111113181100191
28Becca HarrisSENIORF11111111211111111421172010186
29Laura BaldwinSENIORF1111112111111111411171010179
30Tasha WellsteadSENIORF11111132111111211142100158
31Libby KeenSomething ChristmassySENIORF1111111111111112151000157
32Michaela HasnipSENIORF1411111211111111141010149
33Rebecca LeersSENIORF111111131111111140100144
34Sachiko QuelchNeurotypicalsSENIORF121111111111121132000144
35Chloe HukinsSENIORF11111111111111140000140
36Lauren BeanSENIORF1211121111111112000124
37Claire OharaSENIORF111111111112111000117
38Emily JarvisSENIORF11111111111110000110
39Eliza EastNeurotypicalsSENIORF11111311119010094
40Christina WongSENIORF1111111119000090
41Masie EastNeurotypicalsSENIORF11111126100067
42Hayden WellsVETERANM111111111111111111111210000210
43Joe MartinVETERANM11111111131111111111211211100221
44Craig SmithVETERANM111111111111112111112112213000231
45Jason DidwellVETERANM11111111111111111211191000197
46John ChurchesVETERANM111111111111111111180000180
47Seb DuncanVETERANM1111111121111112331152200172
48Brian WarnesVETERANM121121121112194000118
49Maddi BenjaminYOUTH AF121111111111111111113112212100228
50Alex LayfieldElyschemeYOUTH AM111111111111111111212192000204
51Alex ScarboroughKES BoulderingYOUTH AM1311111112111111121162100178
52Brett FfitchThe Climbing NomadsSENIORM111111111111111111111112111111291000297
53Joshua FosterSENIORM11111111114111111111111112111271010279
54Aaron PorterSENIORM111111111141111111411111111114270030276
55Daniel WarnckenSENIORM1111311111211111121211114124214120246
56Joseph HornerSENIORM1111111111111111111111111250000250
57Travis BlandSENIORM12111111112111111112112111224000248
58Matthew DavidSENIORM131111111311111111111211123222300246
59Dave FreestoneSENIORM1111111112111111111121111232000244
60Richard DidwellSENIORM1111111111111111111211211232000244
61Rob MarksSENIORM111111112111111111132111212100228
62Paul HodgsonSENIORM11111111111111111111111230000230
63Ben BallSENIORM11111111211111111111112212000224
64Richard ShacklothYou're MumSENIORM12111111111111111112111212000224
65Ben BeachSomething ChristmassySENIORM11111111141111111111111220010222
66Erik GibbonsSomething ChristmassySENIORM1111111111111111111111220000220
67Carl FarrowSomething ChristmassySENIORM1111111111111111111111220000220
68Hugh GonickSENIORM1111111113111111111111210100214
69Phil StrawsonSENIORM1111111111111112111211202000214
70Luke ForestSENIORM1111111111311111212231173200199
71Nick ShackYou're MumSENIORM11111111211111111111191000197
72Richard BenjaminVETERANM11112111119100097
73Craig BaxterSENIORM1111211111111121000127
74Jacob ScaddenSENIORM11111111111111140000140
75Andy DoddSENIORM111121111111221123000141
76Darren ClaytonSENIORM1111111111111231141100151
77Chris FeeneyThe Sly FeeneysSENIORM1111111111111111160000160
78Joe DillanNeurotypicalsSENIORM11111111111111121161000167
79Neil BowmanSENIORM1411111111111111141170020174
80Jason DowningSENIORM111111111111111131170100174
81Rich SlyThe Sly FeeneysSENIORM11111111111111111170000170
82Adam BarkerSENIORM11111111111111121111191000197


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