We created the ‘NuKids on the Bloc’ Comp series to cater for the majority of people who use our centre – those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously – but still like a challenge!


It runs bimonthly (Usually from 6:30pm) and is a great way to measure your progress – just compare your score from the previous event – and also pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, helping you to focus your training in a positive way – if that’s what you want to do. The Highball Crew will set 30 problems around the centre, graded from font 3 to 6b, and you have up to 3 hours to complete as many as you can. Score Cards are just £2 and each Comp has an opportunity for cash prizes and sometimes giveaways from sponsors too.

Of course, you could just enter for the fun, it’s a really great social event!


Youth A Born in 2001 – 2002
Youth B Born in 2003 – 2004
Youth C Born in 2005 – 2006
Youth D Born in 2007 or after
Senior Born in 1973 – 2000
Veteran Born in or before 1972

If the weather’s good, we’ll fire up the wood fired pizza oven
Once a year we run a NuKids Masters Weekend, which is basically a World Cup version of a NuKids Comp. It has a qualifying round and then a Grand Final for the top 20 male and females.

No matter how little you climb or what you think of your ability, this is the comp for you. It’s for fun, for the experience and it doesn’t matter where you finish. Come and get involved.



The 21:30 raffle is a bit of a lucky dip. It could have prizes donated by our sponsors, like chalk, chalk bags etc., and Highball normally throws in about £200 worth of prizes, like 1 month unlimited coffee, 1 month free climbing, 1:1 masterclass.

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15th February 2019
14th December 2018
12th October 2018 – The Big Flash Special!
10th August 2018
15th June 2018 – COMING UP NEXT
9th February 2018 – RESULTS HERE
15th December 2017 – RESULTS HERE
11th August 2017 – RESULTS HERE
10th June 2016 – RESULTS HERE
12th August 2016 – RESULTS HERE
14th October 2016 (Big Flash Weekend) – RESULTS HERE
9th December 2016 –RESULTS HERE

FAQ: AM I A #NuKid?

Age is irrelevant – as long as you’re climbing between Font 3 and 6b (V0 to V3ish) then this competition is for you. However, if you can fairly consistently flash most 6a’s and some 6b’s (V3+4’s) then this may not be for you and you may get TopGunned – see below…


What’s stopping someone from entering, flashing everything and winning?

After setting the 30 blocs, the setters will grade them all and come up with a secret score which becomes the ‘TopGun line’. For example, our first #NuKid comp had a TopGun line of 174 points. Anyone who scored higher was classed as a ‘Top gun’ and therefore deemed too good for the comp; it’s a positive disqualification and we know lots of you enter just to achieve TopGun status!? Strange, but true.


I don’t know if I’m too good or not?

If you think you lie in a bit of a grey area at the top end, just enter and see how you get on. The #NuKids Comp is a great way of meeting people who are climbing at around the same level as you, and of course have a good craic at the same time. There will be prizes for the winners but if you turn out to be better than you thought, then hey, you walk away labelled a Top Gun and a smile on your face.

What do I need to do?

  • Read the rules
  • Turn up on the night and buy your score card (£2), which has a raffle ticket.
  • Work your way round all the problems and fill in your scoresheet as you go
  • At 21:30, see if you win a raffle prize or a chance to ‘play your cards right’…
  • Hand in your scoresheet at the end and see where you came.
  • Enter the next comp and see if you can better your score!
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