When we opened our doors back in 2012, Highball was a fairly male dominated environment, however, over the last few years this has changed for the better.

We like to think this is down to our regular ladies nights (which now run on the third Friday of every month) and also, the fantastic ‘This Girl Can’ Movement which has been really strong across the UK climbing scene.

Each month we offer various sessions suitable for complete beginners through to seasoned climbers. There are taster sessions, bouldering inductions, and open coaching sessions, all hosted by our top team of instructors and coaches. All sessions have super discounts, or are completely free after paying your normal entry fee. The minimum age is 12, so it’s a great family event too.

All the sessions are group sessions and a great way of meeting like minded women and many go on to form great, long term, climbing friendships!

The biggest challenge we hear is ‘but I’ve got no upper body strength!’. but strength is only one element of climbing. There’s also balance, movement and flexibility. Females tend to be better in these areas than your male counterparts….. and, of course, you listen, which makes you easier to coach(but don’t tell the boys that!)

If you truly feel a bit weak in the arms, then we’d say give it a go After a few weeks of dancing across our walls, that’ll soon change!

If you have any questions, give us a call or drop us an email or facebook message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.



60 Mins | £20 £5

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It’s for people new to the sport of indoor bouldering (climbing without ropes and harnesses), or for traditional climbers who have not used indoor bouldering facilities. No experience necessary. Age 18+

Bouldering is climbing at a low level (up to 4.5 meters) without using ropes or harnesses for safety. The Ladies Night Bouldering Induction is a one off 60 minute group session (1:1’s are available to book separately) which teaches you all you need to know to climb safely on indoor bouldering walls.

We will cover all the basic aspects of indoor bouldering including health and safety, climbing wall etiquette and key techniques, to help get you off on the right foot – or left – and you’ll even learn some of the lingo.

After this session you should feel confident to register as a climber (bouldering only), which will allow you to climb unsupervised and also supervise up to 2 guests. Note: This induction does not cover indoor climbing walls (using ropes and harnesses).


60 Mins | £10 £5

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The climbing wall taster session is lead by one of our qualified instructors in a group of 6 maximum. Minimum Age – 18yrs

During the 60 minute taster, you’ll get to experience indoor climbing using harnesses and ropes for safety. You’ll work together in groups of 2 or 3, under supervision, to get in as much climbing as you can. You’ll also have a go at climbing on the ‘auto belays’, devices which automatically lower you down to the ground.

This taster is unique to ladies nights, and great value at just £5pp


60 Mins | FREE

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Our Coaching Sessions are solely run for ladies all evening during dedicated Ladies Night. They are great for any age or ability we just ask that you are a competent boulderer and do not need supervision.

The coaches that run your session will ask what you would like to get from it and base the session on the general consensus of the group. They are a great way to learn new skills, meet other ladies and have fun at the same time, often we see the same faces each month which is great.

Did we mention that they are also free? No need to pay for the coaching but you will have to pay normal entry to the centre. You can book online and often we have spaces on the night so you can ask at reception.

120 Mins | FREE

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These evenings will be a chilled out climbing session to meet new friends and potentially life long climbing partners! These nights will run weekly on Fridays and are free to attend, however you will need to be signed off as an independent boulderer or have a supervising climber with you as this isn’t a instructor led session. All you’d need to do is book at reception or online and pay the normal entry fee on the evening! A cup of tea shall be on the cards too!

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