Saturday 1st June 2018
Registration Opens Tuesday 5th May 2018

The Little Flash is our Annual Youth Bouldering Competition. It’s fun, challenging and exciting; a great opportunity for young climbers to experience a large scale competition with qualification, isolation, a timed final, and judging, all in front of a big, supportive crowd!
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Last year’s inaugural event was a huge success and we received overwhelming feedback from young competitors and parents alike. One parent stated ‘I’ve taken my daughter to over 30 comps [in 2016] and this has been the best by far.”

There was also consistent high praise for the route setting, the comp wall, the cash prizes, and the overall format of the event where parents felt the more adult format was a great experience for the young climbers. But, we also received two excellent suggestions which we have have incorporated into this year’s event, these were:

  1. Use the IFSC Age Categories
  2. Run it as a 1 day event instead of two to reduce the cost for parents.

So, having taken this feedback on board, this year’s event will be a single day event, taking place on Saturday 2nd June. It will have 3 age categories and 3 finals, plus a team event and we’re hoping lots of climbing centres will send their squads to represent!

Online Registration Opens on Saturday 5th of May!


The Little Flash is an ‘open event’ which means there’s no minimum requirement* and junior climbers can enter from across the country; it’s not limited to local, regular Highball climbers.

*This is a Youth Climbing COMPETITION and all entrants will be expected to have appropriate previous climbing experience i.e. entrants should be climbing regularly at Highball or other Climbing Centres (e.g. part of clubs, teams, NICAS, NIBAS etc..).

All entrants will need to complete the standard centre registration process and may also need to be supervised when climbing by an appropriate adult. If your child is not a regular climber at Highball or any other climbing centre, please give us a call to discuss whether the competition is suitable.



EventYouth AYouth BYouth C
2018Born in 2001 / 2002Born in 2003 / 2004Born in 2005 / 2006
Age CategoryQualifier (20 Blocs)Isolation Opens/ClosesGrand Final (4 Blocs)
Youth C (and younger)10:00 - 12:0014:00/14:3015:00
Youth B 11:00 - 13:0015:30/16:0016:30
Youth A 12:00 - 14:0017:00/17:3018:00


This year we have expanded the competition to three youth categories: Youth A, Youth B and Youth C. As per last year, the qualifiers will be a scramble format, with each age category attempting 20 Blocs. Each age category will have their own qualifier and we have staggered the start times across the morning to help us cater for as many climbers as possible. When registering, please ensure you select the correct qualifier!

The qualifiers are the informal part of the competition where climbers self-mark their own score card (or parents lend a hand) as they attempt the 20 flash problems. The problems will be a range of difficulty starting around Font 3 and becoming progressively harder. We welcome entries from both individuals and teams*. If you are part of a team, your individual score will still be eligible for the individual competition.

The highest scoring 6 males and 6 females from each age category will go through to the Grand Final later in the day.

View the event rules


The Grand Final will take place on the huge DMM Comp Wall and finalists will be held in isolation before walking out in front of the crowd to attempt their problems. Each age category will have it’s own set of problems (4 male and 4 female) and each finalist will attempt the 4 problems in turn, ‘on sight’, with each problem judged independently.

View the event rules

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of hours and every competitor will feel the support of an excited Highball crowd who will cheer on the finalists as they crank, crimp and crush their way up the blocs!

Who will be crowned Flash Junior Champion 2018?


We’ve a fantastic cafe serving great coffee and tasty, nutritious homemade food, snacks and treats. For larger events we fire up the Wood Fired Pizza Oven and maybe the BBQ too.

A full menu will be released nearer the time … #WatchThisSpace


  • For information on how to get here, see the Big Flash ‘Getting Here’ Page
  • If you’re coming to Norwich from afar, make a family weekend of it! Whilst there is zero natural rock to get climbing on, we do have The Norfolk Broads and The North Norfolk Coastline with it’s great beaches. Both have great walks and pubs with great food! If you want any recommendations, drop us a line.
  • Normal Centre rules and conditions of use apply e.g children must be closely supervised by a suitably registered adult when climbing. Any children in the centre but not climbing also need supervision.



My child was born after 2003, can they still enter?
Yes! Younger entrants (with appropriate climbing/competition experience) are able to enter, however, they will be competing in the Youth C Category.

Why are you not providing categories for younger children, like the BMC do?
The Little Flash is an independent Youth Bouldering Competition. The concept is to offer a senior/world cup style event which features a qualification round, followed by a grand final with isolation and timed attempts. Our first event in 2016 was split over two days and, whilst it was hugely successful, feedback was a one day event would be better for parents and it was also suggested we should use the IFSC Youth categories, as opposed to the U16 and U12’s we offered last year..

We have incorporated this feedback for 2017 and we did consider adding further age categories, however, we felt the logistics involved in running a ‘full format’ competition for more than 3 categories in one day would be too great a challenge and risk diluting the quality we achieved. For example, in 2016, the comp wall had 8 blocs per category (4 male / 4 female) = total 16 blocs. In 2017 it will need to have 24 blocs, and if we expanded it to Youth D & E, we would need to have 40 Blocs. This would without doubt lead to a reduction in quality and, as we received such good feedback for the route setting last year, we didn’t want to try and bite off more than we could chew.


Entry is £10 and includes registration, day pass, competition entry, and a welcome pack with nice welcoming things in…




Saturday 2nd June 2018


Online registration will open on Tuesday 1st May – spaces are limited.

*NOTE: This is a Youth Climbing COMPETITION and all entrants will be expected to have appropriate previous climbing experience.


Youth C: 10:00
Youth B: 11:00
Youth A: 12:00
View the event rules


Youth C: 14:00
Youth B: 15:30
Youth A: 17:00
View the event rules

Each final will be followed by a short break to allow for prize giving and adjustments to the comp wall.


To qualify for the team prize, teams must have 4 members of mix gender and have a representative from each age category. For example:

  1. Ms W – Youth A
  2. Mr X – Youth B
  3. Ms Y – Youth C
  4. Mr Z – Youth B (or any other category)

No all male or all females teams will be eligible for the team prize, nor any team which does not have at least one representative from each categories.
Team results will be based on qualification score only.

Cash Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 in each category (Male and Female):Cash prize for the top 3 teams
1st £501st £100
2nd £352nd £60
3rd £253rd £40
4th £15
5th £10
6th £5


»» READ the 2016 Comp Event write up here!
»» READ the 2017 Comp Event write up here!
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