NuKids Masters Weekender - 13th & 15th April 2018

The NuKids Masters is an event where ‘NuKids’ competitors get to experience and take part in a World Cup Style Bouldering Competition with qualifiers and a grand final!

We created the ‘NuKids on the Bloc’ Comp series to cater for the majority of people who use our centre ­ those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously but still like a challenge!
It’s for fun, for the experience and it doesn’t matter where you finish. Come and get involved.No matter how little you climb or what you think of your ability, this is the comp for you. It’s a great social event.

The qualifiers will be a similar format to our regular NuKids Challenge Nights, however, Sunday’s Grand Final will be staged on the DMM Comp Wall in front of friends, family and a supportive Highball Crowd!!
The qualifiers will take place on Friday, but rather than squeezing you all into one qualifier session, there will be 2 different 3hr sessions to choose from: 15:00 and 18:30.

The top 20 male and female competitors (regardless of age category) will go through to the grand final on the Sunday evening.

The climax of the weekend will be Sunday evening’s Grand Final, which will take place on the DMM Comp Wall in front of supportive Highball crowd including lots of friends & family. The 20 men and women who qualified will take on 4 problems each ‘on sight’, with each problem judged independently.

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of hours and every competitor will feel the support of an excited Highball crowd, who will cheer on the finalists as they crank, crimp and crush their way up the blocs!

Please note: any under 18’s that wish to participate will either need to be signed off (have a Green Card), have an over 18 supervise them or book onto one of our supervised sessions


Under 18’s can only climb:
under the supervision of an adult with suitable climbing experience who has registered with Highball under supervision of a Highball Instructor* if they have achieved ‘Green Card’ Status – age 14+

*Supervised Qualifiers for Junior Climbers
For parents who don’t climb, Highball are offering two supervised ‘junior only’ qualification sessions at 10:30 and 13:00. These groups sessions will be supervised by our in house coaching team and cost just £10 for the full 2 hours. Spaces are VERY limited so, please book early to avoid disappointment.

NUKIDS MASTERS 2017 - A3 - 200218V2



AM I A #NuKid? 

Age is irrelevant ­ as long as you’re climbing between Font 3 and 6b (V0 to V3ish) then this competition is for you. However, if you can fairly consistently flash most 6a’s and some 6b’s (V3+4’s) then this may not be for you and you may get TopGunned ­ see below…

What’s stopping someone from entering, flashing everything and winning?
After setting the 30 qualifier blocs, the setters will grade them all and come up with a secret score which becomes the ‘TopGun line’. For example, our first #NuKid comp had a TopGun line of 174 points. Anyone who scored higher was classed as a ‘Top gun’ and therefore deemed too good for the comp; it’s a positive disqualification and we know lots of you enter just to achieve TopGun status!? Strange, but true.

I don’t know if I’m too good or not?
If you think you lie in a bit of a grey area at the top end, just enter and see how you get on. The #NuKids Comp is a great way of meeting people who are climbing at around the same level as you, and of course have a good craic at the same time. There will be prizes for the winners but if you turn out to be better than you thought, then hey, you walk away labelled a Top Gun and a smile on your face.

What do I need to do?

  • Register online and choose your qualifier session. Registration opens on 1st March at 10am
  • Read the rules
  • Turn up on the day and pay for your entry + Score card (£2)
  • Attempt as many of the 30 blocs as you can
  • Self score yourself on your score sheet
  • Hand in your score sheet when you’re finished.
  • Wait to see if you make the final ­ 10am Saturday morning.

Supervised Qualifiers for Junior Climbers
For parents who don’t climb, we’ll be offering supervised sessions on the 10:30 and 14:30 qualifiers. We’ll have space for just 18 juniors per session with no more than 6 per instructor. These 2 hour supervised sessions will be just £10 and include the cost of a scorecard (£2)


  • Each problem will be numbered
  • Start on holds will be marked by tape – there may be one or two start holds
  • You must not work (practice) the moves in the problem, if you fall off your next attempt must begin on the start holds again
  • All wall features are allowed unless instructed otherwise
  • Bolts holes are not a ‘feature’!
  • All problems finish by matching both hands on the last hold in a controlled manner
  • Score yourself as shown on the score sheet
  • Bonus Holds only count if you do not complete the problem
  • The Flash Problem: You will be entered into a prize draw for a cash (or other) prize if you flash successfully complete the problem on your first attempt) the designated problem
  • If it’s your first comp, speak to a member of the crew for a few pointers – if you’re lucky, they may even point you in the direction of one of the easier problems!
  • The 40 finalists (20 male and 20 female) will need to be in isolation by a certain time ­ tbc
  • Each finalist will attempt 4 problems ‘on sight’ i.e. they will not get to view them beforehand
  • There will be 8 blocs on the comp wall in total ­ 4 Male and 4 Female
  • Each climber will get 4 minutes to climb each problem
  • Each climber will have 4 minutes rest in between each problem
  • Climbers will come out onto the comp wall in reverse order from their qualification placing i.e. the person who qualifies in 1st will come out last, the person who qualifiers in 20th will come out 1st
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