Supervising Guests


Anyone can climb at Highball, but only climbers of suitable experience and age can climb without supervision.

Novice adults and young climbers (U18)* must be closely supervised when in the centre. Supervision can be provided by a trained member of the Highball team on a pre-booked climbing session, or a suitably experienced adult* who has completed their individual registration – see below.

*A suitably experienced adult is a person aged 18+ who regards themselves as a competent climber and/or boulderer i.e. a person who has gained, through formal training or personal experience, the appropriate knowledge to climb safely without supervision. Junior Climbers (under 18’s) are NOT permitted to supervise anyone, regardless of their experience.

‘Competent Adults’ can bring along guests of any age, as long as they supervise them closely and in line with our Supervising Guests – Best Practice and the terms below:

Must be supervised on a 1:1 basis.

An adult who has completed suitable registration can supervise up to 2 guests if aged 8+ - Only if they agree to only have one on the wall at a time.

An adult who has completed suitable registration can supervise up to 2 adult guests. Only if they agree to only have one on the wall at a time.

  • We regard the supervision of guests as a privilege, not a right
  • Our staff will approach anyone they feel are not supervising their guest/s accordingly. We will do this politely, and expect our customers to respond accordingly i.e. start supervising properly
  • If we have to approach you regularly we may review your supervision only allow you to supervise one guest, or remove the privilege altogether


If you are a competent climber or boulderer and would like to bring a guest, you and your guests can complete the first part of your registration, Your Profile, online. You will then complete registration at reception on your first visit.


I am an experienced climber and have 3 children aged 4, 8 and 10, can I bring them all climbing?
You can only supervise up to two in the centre at a time, however your 4 year old would need 1:1 supervision. The best solution is to climb with another competent adult who can help you supervise your children, or book your children on to one of our climbing sessions, like HighballPlay, and you enjoy a nice peaceful climb!
I’ve registered as a boulderer, but I am also a competent climber, can I take my friends (who are beginners) on the rope climbing walls?
The short answer is yes, but you must update your registration to accurately reflect your climbing experience BEFORE signing them in. This may require an additional access test aka a competency test.
Can I bring 3 children and rotate them, so I only supervise two on the wall?
Children need to be supervised at all times when in the centre, whether climbing or not. As one of your children would always be left unsupervised, you’d need to bring the appropriate number of adults to supervise the children who aren’t climbing.
One of them is over 14, I’ve heard older teenagers don’t need to be supervised, that would leave me with two under 14 to supervise?
You are correct. Older teenagers can work towards their Green Card, which entitles them to climb or boulder without supervision – Read More
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