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The Atmosphere

A great vibe as usual from the Highball community no matter whether they where competing or just spectating! Isolation had a hub of excited and almost irritable climbers itching to get on the final blocs of this years Winter Bouldering League! Its always an awesome comp that we like hosting and enjoy watching you guys experience a Grand Final.


Johnny Golder taking the win by topping all 4 blocs!


Attacking The Blocs

The 20 Finalists had 4 Blocs each with 4 plus to complete the blocs, what a battle everyone put in to the grand final! Everyone giving 110% on every, single, problem! The inhouse boys Tom and Guy really did pull the stops out for this one. Reading the finalists abilities and strengths and making some blocs that aimed to be fair for all competitors, obviously with a few droppable moves to keep it spicy!

The show piece blocs for the Men had to be M4, using the big Xcult Macros this route was an awesome show piece on the steepest part of the comp wall, strong, droppable but also some subtle beta! The females showpiece had to be F3 with our new Nomad Volumes. A very technical problem testing the finalists mental game, not that they should worry on those super sticky volumes!


WBL Grand Final Results

Female Finalists
1st – John Golder
2nd – Jude Clark
3rd – Bradley Diggines
4th – Garry Smith
5th – Aaron Porter
6th – Matt Catchpole
7th – Aaron Thacker
8th – Steve Newell
9th – Coby Diggines
10th – David Fowler
Male Finalists
1st – Katie Fisher
2nd – Emma Pestell
3rd – Lily Bird
4th – Gina Parr
5th – Charlotte Bowden
6th – Lydia Benjamin
7th – Maddi Benjamin
8th – Beth Barnard
9th – Lottie Bruce
10th – Erin Collins

Full table of scores

For the full scoring table CLICK HERE for the online scorecard!


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