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A message from Kieran, the guy who writes this:

Hey there! This is the weekly update, as you’re probably aware of by now. There has been a lot of snow lately keeping us at home in the toasty warmth, looking forward to the days where the sun will come back… well, we look forward no more! The sunny days have arrived, and we are looking forward to much warmer bouldering.

We’re also looking forward to starting more community based interactions on our social media, so if you tag us in your Instagrams, Facebooks and Twitterers, we’ll have a good repost of our favourites and tag you in them! We’re excited at the opportunity to get you guys on our channels, so get tagging! The tags are usually @HighballNorwich, #Highball or #HighballFamily. Anyway, heres our update for this week:


Mothers Day | Highball Special

March 11th is mothers day, and we are doing a special: Mothers climb free!

Here at highball we appreciate our mums to the full extent, and want to pass that appreciation out to all you lovely mothers. Head in on the 11th and declare your mother-hood and you’ll get free entry from us!


THE DOORS ARE OPEN | Highball News

The snow has (mostly) thawed, so we’ve taken down the hut and opened our big door! Trust me, it feels like summer is here already at this point.

Why not come in and try out that new setting in Zone 2? We also have loads of cookies and our coffee machine is running full speed! Perfect way to chill on a Monday.



NuKids Masters | Highball Events

Our annual NuKids Masters is here!

This is a huge event we hold every year (hence, annual) that is inclusive of every climber! Just like the regular NuKids comps, it’s set for those climbing Font 3 – 6b+.

There will be loads of events going on around Highball too, like the Zlag board comp, the raffle and so much more! Be prepared for a huge weekend. Head here to register for it (opens on the 1st)!

Head here for more information on NuKids Masters.

NUKIDS MASTERS 2017 - A3 - 200218

Weekly Specials | Beta Cafe

It’s now March so it should be getting warmer right!? And warmer nights mean pizza nights!

We are currently on a hunt for a new pizza oven so we can do two pizzas at time which will hopefully reduce the wait time! There will be a big post going out on all the social medias when we will be starting them again, so keep an eye out. We are really hoping to get them up and running by the end of this month!

This Wednesday Jess will be here doing fries from 18:30, and Thursday is as always the special food night! Last week we didn’t do late night food on the Thursday (unless y’all wanted snow cones), but we will be doing it this week!

Come down for an Indian feast both mushroom and beef curries will be available, samosas, poppadoms and wholemeal chapati’s.

HB BetaCafe

Zone 3 | News on the Bloc

Yann Genoux, the one, the only, is in setting from Wednesday to Friday! We have the Squad Zone being set on Wednesday and Zone 3 being set Thursday and Friday!

If you’re familiar with Yanns setting you know to be ready for a right belter, if you’re unfamiliar, give his new blocs a razz and see what you thing! We look forward to seeing him soon.


Auto-Belays! | Highball Sesh

Auto Belays are safety devices which allow you to use our higher climbing walls safely, without needing a belayer – someone on the other end of the rope.

At only an extra £5 to get an induction, why not razz into one of our sessions and get climbing on some of those longer routes!?

Bouldering Induction Norwich

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