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NuKids Masters | Highball Events

The NuKids Masters weekend has been and gone! It was a brilliant event, and we got loads of pictures to commemorate it too 😉

To have a read of the write-up, check the scores and get those lovely pictures (we know what you really want, theres about 200 from the weekend though!), head here on our website.


Sumptuous Updates | Beta Cafe

The sun is finally shining this week and we have great news, from Wednesday all our smoothies will be in stock! We will also be selling Green Machine at the reduced price of £2.00, for that price you may as well give it a go!

Pizza’s will be available on Wednesday and Thursday, we will have a range of ingredients in so be prepared to get creative with your own pizza.

The BetaCafe would also all like to say a big thank you to everyone for being great over the weekend, and if you have any suggestions on how we could improve the cafe over competition weekends, what did you like? What didn’t you like? What would you like to see in future? Looks out for the comments box and just drop an idea in there.

HB BetaCafe

Bouldering Pads! | Highball Shop

Ever considered outdoor bouldering? Now is the time of year to start planning trips to the Peak District and Fontainebleau (if you’re feeling fancy)! The single necessary item to take with you, after climbing shoes, is a Bouldering Pad. They may look cool, but they’re also important for keeping you safe when (not ‘if’) you fall off those problems.

Factors to consider when choosing your own pad are:
Carrying configurations – The MOON Warrior pad has excellent rucksack style shoulder straps
Folding styles – the DMM Highball folds in a hinge method to sit nicely over rocks/boulders on an uneven landing ground
Buckles – aluminium alloy are much stronger than plastic, as found on the Metolius Pad

Our professional recommendation would be any of the Organic pads. Disclaimer – they are at the higher end of the budget, but we think it is fully worth while. The materials they use are far superior and have a a much longer life span! The padding inside doesn’t deteriorate like the foam other manufacturers use and therefore keeps you safer, which, lets face it, is their sole purpose. Bouldering pads are an investment and we think in the long run you will get much better value for money. The cherry on top with Organic is their environmental footprint is minimal, as they use any excess material to make their chalk bags (which means every single one is unique!). We have a whole range of Bouldering Pads available and there is something to suit every budget and purpose.



Zone 1 | News on the Bloc

The man, the legend, Jason Pickles himself is come here, to highball, to set Zone 1! It’s your last chance to squeeze in any climbs that you’ve been projecting before we strip them!

Jason sets some excellent blocs, so we are well looking forward to seeing how he spreads the plastic.



Boot Bananas | Highball Special

Had enough of those funky smelling climbing shoes filling your nostrils after a heavy session? Well now’s the time to stop that smell and get that edge back on a shiny new pair of shoes!

Whenever you get a new pair of Climbing Shoes here at Highball, you can get 15% off a pair of Boot Bananas to keep their nice fresh smell as long as possible!



Circuit Grading | Highball News

It’s been almost a year since we made the change from setting by circuit to setting by wall area aka ‘zonal setting’. The main reason for this change was to give us the freedom to move volumes around the wall every time the zone was reset, thus creating an ever changing canvas for route setters and customers alike.

we’re now going to make a little tweak to how we grade/group the problems together into circuits.

To learn more about this, head here on our website.


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