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SBL18 | Highball Events

A tough old round! But a great one, none the less. The Friday just passed was the first round of our Summer Bouldering League!

For the Summer Bouldering League we are trialling a new ‘series ranking system’. The score sheets will remain the same, but the top 30 male and female competitors will be awarded points in line with their overall position on the night. These points will be used for the overall series rankings to identify who qualifies for the Grand Final.

If you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the night, you will be awarded 500, 400 and 330 ‘series points’ respectively; 4th to 6th will get 270, 220 and 180 points. Points continue to be awarded down to 30th position.

Why the change?
The main aim of the trial is to try and overcome some of the variance between comp sets. For example, previously you could have scored less if the comp set was ‘hard’, whereas now, you’ll receive the same points for finishing, say 5th, on an easy set or a harder set..

Its actually hard to explain in written form, so if you don’t understand, ask a member of the crew!

To head to the write-up and pictures, head here!

for more information on the Bouldering League, head here!


Pizzas! | Beta Cafe

We were hoping for more settled weather this week!

Wednesday we will have to wait and see what the weather is doing as it is currently saying rain and strong winds. If pizzas aren’t on, then we will be offering fries and mac and cheese!

There will definitely be pizzas on Thursday, with a make your own menu available. Keep an eye on our social media pages to find out which one we will be doing.

HB BetaCafe

Zone 2 | News on the Bloc

Guy Copland and Thomas Smith, legends in their own right, will be setting for us this week!

We’re sad to see those excellent blocs set by Jack go, but we’re looking forward to seeing what our in-house masters can do.



The Little Flash, coined as one of the biggest Youth competitions in the UK, is coming up!

It’s fun, challenging and exciting; a great opportunity for young climbers to experience a large scale competition with qualification, isolation, a timed final, and judging, all in front of a big, supportive crowd!

The Little Flash is an ‘open event’ which means there’s no minimum requirement* and junior climbers can enter from across the country; it’s not limited to local, regular Highball climbers.

*This is a Youth Climbing COMPETITION and all entrants will be expected to have appropriate previous climbing experience i.e. entrants should be climbing regularly at Highball or other Climbing Centres (e.g. part of clubs, teams, NICAS, NIBAS etc..).

All entrants will need to complete the standard centre registration process and may also need to be supervised when climbing by an appropriate adult. If your child is not a regular climber at Highball or any other climbing centre, please give us a call to discuss whether the competition is suitable.

Registration opens on the 1st of May (THATS TOMORROW!), so keep your eyes out for the opportunity to sign up.


25% OFF Bouldering Pads! | Highball Shop

Ever considered outdoor bouldering? Now is the time of year to start planning trips to the Peak District and Fontainebleau (if you’re feeling fancy)! The single necessary item to take with you, after climbing shoes, is a Bouldering Pad. They may look cool, but they’re also important for keeping you safe when (not ‘if’) you fall off those problems.

We’re going to give you a spicy offer right now: If you’ve hired a Bouldering Pad with us in the last 12 months then we will give you a whopping 25% OFF buying a brand new Pad from us!



Boot Bananas | Highball Special

Had enough of those funky smelling climbing shoes filling your nostrils after a heavy session? Well now’s the time to stop that smell and get that edge back on a shiny new pair of shoes!

Whenever you get a new pair of Climbing Shoes here at Highball, you can get 15% off a pair of Boot Bananas to keep their nice fresh smell as long as possible! Especially useful in the upcoming hot days!


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