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The Little Flash, coined as one of the biggest Youth competitions in the UK, is HERE!

It’s fun, challenging and exciting; a great opportunity for young climbers to experience a large scale competition with qualification, isolation, a timed final, and judging, all in front of a big, supportive crowd!

The Little Flash is an ‘open event’ which means there’s no minimum requirement* and junior climbers can enter from across the country; it’s not limited to local, regular Highball climbers.

*This is a Youth Climbing COMPETITION and all entrants will be expected to have appropriate previous climbing experience i.e. entrants should be climbing regularly at Highball or other Climbing Centres (e.g. part of clubs, teams, NICAS, NIBAS etc..).

All entrants will need to complete the standard centre registration process and may also need to be supervised when climbing by an appropriate adult. If your child is not a regular climber at Highball or any other climbing centre, please give us a call to discuss whether the competition is suitable.

Registration IS NOW OPEN! Head here to sign up.


Round 2 | SBL18

Round two of summer bouldering league is here!

Guy and Friends will be setting for the up coming Round 2 of the Summer Bouldering League, sponsored by Ocún and Troll Outdoors!

THIS ROUND WILL FEATURE A DJ SET! That’s right, DJ Boss Man will be blasting some bangin’ tunes out for you all to bop and boulder to!

We hope you’re as pumped as we are, it’s gonna be megaaaaaa!

For more information on our Summer Bouldering League, head here.

Our Summer Bouldering League is made possible with thanks to our sponsors:
Ocún | Troll Outdoors


Half Term! | Highball-idays

Half-term at the schools is next week! And to coincide with the holidays, we put on loads of extra sessions for the young ‘uns, so you can get them active during the break.

To see what extra sessions we put on and whats available, head here on our website.

Note: Theres a handy little calendar at the bottom of the page to see everything we have on in one place.


NNF18 | Highball Events

For Norfolk & Norwich Festival, we at Highball are giving you the opportunity to try out climbing with your family and friends at half price!

Use code NNF18 when booking group taster sessions online to come take part with us!

These taster sessions are great fun for friends and family alike, so come give them a go and have a great time!



Next week is half term, who’s excited?

On offer for you next week we will have fries, basic brunch, wraps, sandwiches, cakes, salads, ice cream sundaes and much more! The pizza oven will be on from 4pm on the 30th and 31st, why not grab an early dinner or a late lunch?
A meal deal will also be introduced to help you save your pennies, what is there not to be excited about?

Pizzas will be on from 18:00 on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Menu as it has been the last few weeks as you all seem to like choosing your own toppings!
Have you seen that we now do vegan cheese? This means that you can now have melty, cheesy vegan goodness on your pizza.

HB BetaCafe

DMM Comp Wall | News on the Bloc

Guy and Co are setting for Round 2 of the Summer Bouldering League, so get prepared for some intense setting!

Guy is well known for setting some absolute delicate thinkers, and the odd strengthy bloc of madness, so expect some interesting spicy problems!


BoulderBag BONANZA | Highball Shop

Tis the season where the sun now occasionally pops up and those ‘puddle hands’ appear while climbing! To help contain that sweat we’re offering a free bag of Snap chalk when a Krieg chalk bag, bucket or kids chalk bag is purchased this May.

Our Snap chalk is packaged with eco-friendly materials, meaning you can recycle the paper keeping the environment ever so slightly happier. Krieg produce some awesome and unique chalk bags that we think you guys will love, no more getting confused whose bag is whose: keep yours unique and keep it yours!

So if you’ve been thinking of trading up from your drab bag, or maybe you haven’t even got one yet, or know someone without, now is the time to buy!


25% OFF Bouldering Pads! | Highball Shop

Ever considered outdoor bouldering? Now is the time of year to start planning trips to the Peak District and Fontainebleau (if you’re feeling fancy)! The single necessary item to take with you, after climbing shoes, is a Bouldering Pad. They may look cool, but they’re also important for keeping you safe when (not ‘if’) you fall off those problems.

We’re going to give you a spicy offer right now: If you’ve hired a Bouldering Pad with us in the last 12 months then we will give you a whopping 25% OFF buying a brand new Pad from us!



Boot Bananas | Highball Special

Had enough of those funky smelling climbing shoes filling your nostrils after a heavy session? Well now’s the time to stop that smell and get that edge back on a shiny new pair of shoes!

Whenever you get a new pair of Climbing Shoes here at Highball, you can get 15% off a pair of Boot Bananas to keep their nice fresh smell as long as possible! Especially useful in the upcoming hot days!


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