Highball Weekly Update #9

November 13, 2017 2:16 pm

Winter Bouldering League | Teams T-shirt deadline

Have you entered a team for the Winter Bouldering League? For #WBL17 we are promoting forming teams! If you make a team following the rules*, and email us the team for our Winter Bouldering League by the 15th, including sizes and types of tops, then by round 2 we will have personalised team tops made for you!

And, for an extra £5 each, you can have your team name printed on them too. You know you want a t-shirt that says “Crux Destroyers” on it.

The options are a vest or t-shirt in mens or womens.

*A mixed gender team of exactly 4 participants

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Our poster for the event lists all the information



Zone Map | Zonal Update

With all the new walls going up and a shift in the naming conventions for walls, we’ve thought it pertinent to get a map made up so that you can now guide yourself around effectively.

We’re currently working on a new page for our website that details all the information on the settings and zones, so watch this space for more information.

Bouldering Induction Norwich


Bouldering Inductions | #GetClimbing

Are you still being supervised by a friend or family member to climb?

We have plenty of bouldering inductions going on throughout the weeks, and when you complete one you also get a 4-climb pass.

Standard inductions are £20 but if you book as a group of 4+ you’ll get a 10% discount on the cost. To book or read more on what the induction includes, head here.


Highball Shop | End Of Season Sale: 20% Off!

This month in the Shop we have a huge sale going on all our summer clothing! With lots of shorts, vests and t-shirts all at 20% off. This sale will last until the end of October, but only whilst we have stock, so head on in and take advantage in the last few days left.

There are still a few items in after The Big Flash, so head in now and get them nice and cheap.


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