Climbing is an excellent activity for young people; it’s challenging, confidence building and great fun. People tend to view it as an extreme sport which makes it really exciting but, it does have inherent risks which if managed appropriately, can be minimised.

For this reason, all children and young people under 18 must be supervised when climbing at Highball unless they are aged 14+ and have achieved their GreenCard. Supervision can be provided by a member of the Highball Team, or an adult (18+), who has completed suitable registration – for example, a parent/relation/family friend etc..

All the sessions below are ‘supervised sessions’ i.e. a member of our coaching team will be supervising the individual/group as they climb. They are perfect for non climbing parents who just want to relax in our cafe and even better for climbing parents who want to squeeze in a cheeky climb by yourself.

If you are a climber or boulderer and are wanting to supervise a child/young person (or a novice adult) you will need to complete suitable registration before climbing.


60mins | Ages 4-16 | £10.50

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1 hour group session of climbing for children aged 4-16 years. Highball Play is aimed at anyone wanting to give climbing a try in a fun filled hour session. It is suitable to ages 4-16 years so siblings and friends can climb together in one group. Includes all equipment. Max Spaces: 6 or 12 (depending on instructor numbers, ratio 1:6)


60 Mins | Ages 8-17 | £10.50

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CLUBSESSIONS are 60 minute climbing or bouldering sessions for young climbers age 8 to 17, who want climb regularly within a relaxed, social environment. Climbing Sessions are supervised by our coaching team who, aside from promoting a safe climbing environment, will offer coaching on an informal, individual basis. Teenagers aged 14+ can work towards their GreenCard and it’s also possible to deliver the entry level awards for NICAS and NIBAS awards.

30 mins | Ages 4-12

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A supervised 30 minute taster session, this is great for children aged between 4-7 with little or no experience of indoor climbing and bouldering, or children who just want to have a go every now and then, e.g. school holidays.

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