Junior Taster Sessions

Use climbing harnesses and ropes to keep each other safe as you attempt our higher indoor climbing walls.

‘Free climbing’ at a low level with no ropes or harnesses, with a crash mat.

Our Juniors Taster Session is a private 30 minute session for young children from age 4 to 12 years. They are designed to give younger climbers their first taste of climbing in a one to one, or small group (friends / siblings) setting, perfect for gaining confidence and experience before progressing on to our group Fun Sessions or Junior Academy.

  • Perfect for gaining confidence and experience
  • No previous experience needed
  • For older children or larger groups – see HighballPlay or Taster Sessions
  • All sessions are fully supervised by our instructor team and includes all equipment

Please Note: These sessions are climbing only –bouldering is not included.

Also Available:

Highball Play

Juniors Taster
30 Minutes
1 - 4 Children
£20 for up to 2
(extra participants £5pp)
Min Age 4
Max Age 12
A Private Booking
for 1 to 4 Children
No previous experience
30 Minute Private Session
For bookings outside of school holidays, or to book a time convenient to you, please email:

(School Holidays Only)


Do I need any previous climbing experience?
No. Taster Sessions are perfect for both newcomers and those with previous climbing
How many climbs will my child get?
This very much depends on their age, experience and confidence in the group. Younger
climbers or those new to climbing may need a few attempts to get up the wall and some may
not make it all the way on their first attempts, but this is fine; it’s all about setting your own
Will they get to the top?
We have a mixture of climbs and challenges suitable for all ages. If they want to get to the
top, we’re sure they will be able to, however, our instructors will not push you or your
children further than they want to go; ‘the top’ will come with confidence.
What is the Instructor/Climber Ratio?
We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 9, however, most of our taster sessions operate
on a maximum 1 to 6 and a children’s taster is 1:4. We feels this offers increased value for
money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes
if they feel necessary.
What’s next after a taster session if my children want to climb more regularly?
We have a range of climbing sessions for children; from fun ‘pay as you go’ activity sessions
and climbing clubs, to ongoing coaching and development programs. See our Junior Climbing pages
Can I climb with my children?
Yes you can. We have a couple of family climbing options, or if you want to completed either
the intro to climbing course or bouldering induction, you will be able to supervise up to 2
guests over the age of 8, or 1 guest if aged under 8. More info on supervising guests.
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