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Round 5 | Winter Bouldering League

Jason Pickles set last Friday for the winter bouldering league, and it had some pretty tough problems! Good humour and cheeky fun was had all around however, and it was a great round. Looking forward to the next one, round 6 and the GRAND FINAL!, set by Dave Barrans!
Read on to find out when…
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Mothers Day | Highball Special

March 11th is mothers day, and we are doing a special: Mothers climb free!

Here at highball we appreciate our mums to the full extent, and want to pass that appreciation out to all you lovely mothers. Head in on the 11th and declare your mother-hood and you’ll get free entry from us!


Easter Holidays | Highball Holidays

Easter begins on March 30th! We have loads of extra sessions for the young ones to get enjoying their break.

Head here on our website to see what extra sessions we’re putting on for the month and what we have scheduled in specially for the break.


Ladies Night | Whats On

The first Monday of every month hosts our Ladies Night. It is a chance for women from all walks of life to come and get involved in bouldering and climbing, and ideal for meeting like minded people.

As a female, you will have the opportunity to get highly discounted introductory sessions, which are great for beginners and those who want to supervise any friends, family, and children. We also have free coaching sessions where you’ll receive professional advice on technique, or just some encouragement to advance that bit further (or even up to the next grade).

On this months Monday we have Ladies Bouldering Inductions, Ladies Auto-Belay Inductions (must be a competent Boulderer), and Ladies Coaching sessions. Spaces are limited so book online before they fill up! Head here for more.


NuKids Masters Weekender! | Highball Events

We created the ‘NuKids on the Bloc’ Comp series to cater for the majority of people who use our centre ­ those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously but still like a challenge!
It’s for fun, for the experience and it doesn’t matter where you finish.

The NuKids Masters is an event where ‘NuKids’ competitors get to experience and take part in a World Cup Style Bouldering Competition with qualifiers and a grand final!

To register and take part in this excellent weekend event, head here.

NUKIDS MASTERS 2017 - A3 - 200218

Route Setting | News On The Bloc

1st – Zone 2 – Jack Gould
7th-9th – Squad Zone + Zone 3 – Yann Genoux
13th-14th – Roped Walls – Ben West
22nd-24th – DMM Comp Wall (WBL Round 6 + Grand Final!) – Dave Barrans
28th-29th – Zone 4 – Thomas Smith & Guy Copland


Adam Withey | View From The Crew

Hey all! So I’m Adam and I’ve been coming to climb at Highball on and off for roughly 3/4 years, and the thought of working here had always been on my mind. Then the opportunity arose in September and boom! I became part of the team I admire so much.

Working here is quite simply an amazing experience. The fellow staff are so easy going and such a good laugh that the days fly by. Then there are the customers, always willing to share beta, have a good laugh as well and never afraid to pull hard on the plastic when needed.

Being at Highball so much recently has definitely brought my climbing game back up. After a few years of traveling and a couple of nasty injuries ranging from a broken tibia to separating my AC ligaments in my right shoulder, I’m finally feeling stronger and more consistent with my climbing. Not long till the training area is hopefully opening then I’m expecting everyone to turn into climbing machines!

When I’m not climbing I dabble in a few other hobbies such as casual photography, being a disc jockey (Vinyl instead of this new age computer DJ stuff!), snowboarding and a few other things. I’m definitely one of the many people that are guilty of drinking too many coffees and teas and eating too many cakes from the cafe! So don’t be afraid to come share a cuppa, whether its chai, Yorkshire or an espresso as long as its hot I’m happy! Looking forward to continuing to meet all you awesome customers!



Ladies Night
Mothers Day!
Winter Bouldering League Round 6
Winter Bouldering League GRAND FINAL
Easter begins @ Highball


Ladies Night
Easter ends @ Highball
NuKids Masters
Summer Bouldering League Round 1

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