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WBL Grand Final | Highball Events

The Last round of our Winter Bouldering League took place on the 22nd of Feb, so that means the GRAND FINAL is just around the corner on the 29th March set by the beasts that are know as Guy & Tom! We will be releasing the finalists soon, 10 female and 10 male no matter of the age category, so keep your eyes peeled whether you have made it into the final (we shall make contact too)! To be in a chance of getting to the Grand Final you needed to attend a minimum of 3 rounds and have a total score that placed you within the top 10 of your Gender.
More details HERE.


Intro to Bouldering | High-Sessions

Here at Highball we are always trying to keep our sessions as up to date as possible. Our latest change is to our ‘Bouldering Induction’ which is has been renamed ‘Introduction to Bouldering’. (see what we did there?)

It’s not just the name of the session that has changed, but the content too!

Within ‘Introduction to Bouldering’ we now have an ‘induction video’ for you to watch before we guide you through the centre for an hours session, (watch out for cameos from your favourite staff members) the session will be focusing on safety, the basics of climbing movement and that all important footwork, all essential to get you off on the right foot.

This Introduction session is great for absolute beginners and is essential for those wishing to supervise children under the age of 12 in the centre. We will not permit novice climbers to supervise children unless an Intro to Bouldering has been completed. You will also get our 4 climbs for £5 card as well as free shoe hire for those first four climbs. Bargain.

The ‘induction video’ itself can be used for those of you who have some bouldering experience and are already quite active, maybe you have used the centre a couple of times with friends and feel you can navigate your way around safely. Now, you can watch our video, fill out a form, and you are good to go.




NuKids Masters | NuKids Series

On MAY 3RD 2019 we will be running our NuKids Masters. For those of you who are new to our NuKids Series find all the rules and regulations HERE on entering.

We created the ‘NuKids on the Bloc’ Comp series to cater for the majority of people who use our centre those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously but still like a challenge! There will be a slightly different format to our usual one, but we will explain all in due course.

The NuKids Masters kicks off with qualifiers which runs roughly for 3 hours. The top 20 males and females regardless of age category will then go through to the grand final! We have the legends Guy Copland & Tom Smith setting the Final Blocs for the Nukids Masters, so expect some top class problems!



Round 4 | Winter Bouldering League

Tom and Guy where on the setting vibe this round, producing a awesome selection of very technical problems for you all to get your sweaty hands upon. A high scoring and extremely close round with all the competitors really giving it their all but always sharing the beta they have, something we love about our regulars!

HEAD HERE to read the whole write up regarding round 4 of our Winter Bouldering League

WBL19 R4 1X1 - 111018

Ladies Night | Highball Events

Running on the third Friday evening of each month the ladies night offers 1/2 price bouldering inductions. As well as the bouldering inductions our coaches will be offering FREE coaching sessions for you lovely ladies, whether you need to improve specific technique or just gain a little confidence on the wall they will be around to help! The coaching runs from 19:30 but does require booking, head here for more info regarding ladies night.

Book online by heading here on our website or give us a call on 01603 513513


Trip Advisor | Review us!

We’re just short of a target of 100 reviews on Trip Advisor, and have been awarded a centre of excellence! If you have 5 minutes, and feel we deserve a review, pop on there and give us a quite write-up! You’d be doing us a huge favour.


Route Setting | News On The Bloc

4th – Zone 2 – Yann & Guy

5th – Zone 5 – Yann & Thomas

6th – Zone 3 – Guy Copland!

11th – Stamina Board – Yann Genoux

12th – Zone 4 – Yann Genoux

13th – Squad Zone – Yann Genoux

20th-21st – Rope Walls – Jack Gould



Zone 2/3/4/5, Squad Zone & Rope Walls Reset!
Ladies Night
Lights Out
WBL Grand Final


Zone 1/5/2 Reset!
NuKids Masters
Ladies Night

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