Moon Warrior Bouldering Pad Review

June 17, 2016 11:07 am

Moon warrior pad review
The Moon Warrior bouldering pad is a high quality pad with an innovative, user friendly design and good build quality for an affordable price.

It is the medium sized Moon bouldering pad measuring 130 x 100 x 12 cm and weighing about 6kg. This means you get substantial surface area and foam thickness, but a relatively low weight, so it’s not too much of an effort to carry between boulder problems, while still providing you with a safe landing.

The Warrior is a taco style pad, meaning it isn’t made from two pieces of foam held together by a hinge like many other pads are, but instead consists of a single piece of foam. This makes it slightly harder to fold up, but results in a much more solid landing. It also features Moon’s ‘reverse fold’ system, where the dirty side of the pad is folded inwards, therefore keeping the back of your car clean for that long drive back to Norfolk.

Another helpful feature is the carpeted flap which covers the carrying straps when unfolded. This is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it keeps the carrying straps clean when the pad is folded out, meaning your shirt won’t get dirty when carrying the pad. Also, the flap can be used to wipe your climbing shoes on, so they are clean before pulling onto the rock. Finally, when the pad is folded up, the flap folds round the bottom, ensuring anything you are carrying in the pad won’t fall out.

Something that was not featured on the older version, but has been added to the new version of the Warrior pad is a waist strap. This takes some of the weight off your shoulders when carrying the pad, which increases comfort and means your shoulders aren’t as tired when you reach the boulder problem so you’re ready to crush!

To summarise, here are the main reasons why the Moon Warrior bouldering pad is an excellent choice for your first or next bouldering pad:

  • High quality but affordable
  • Practical size for carrying or fitting in a car
  • Thick foam with taco style design provides a safe landing
  • ‘Reverse fold’ system keeps you and your car clean
  • Carpeted flap useful for keeping pad clean and boots clean
  • Can be used to carry gear in
  • Waist strap makes it comfortable to carry

You can buy this pad from the Highball Shop for £160.

Written by Sam Lawson.

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