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A message from Mike | Price Changes at Highball

Dear Highball Family,

The time has come for a complete revamp of our entry prices and packages. Over the last five years we have absorbed what we can, and despite a small tweak to Day Passes last year, operating costs have continued to increase – some of which you can thank Brexit for!

Going forward from this month, there will be price changes at Highball. To give you more information on why this is, have a read of Mikes letter.

For a full PDF detailing all the new costs, read this.

Mega Student Night | 10th November

For students who come in on the 10th, we’re throwing a load of extra deals down, as well as putting out a ton of extra food!

Evolv are coming in to do a climbing Shoe demo! If you’re not sure what a Climbing Shoe Demo is, basically you can get all the facts about the different toe and heel shapes and types of rubber on the shoes, and even get to climb around in a broken-in pair to see how you feel in them.

Coupled with this, Evolv shoes and EB shoes will be on offer, at 20% off shoes bought that night.
A starter pack offer with:

  • shoes
  • chalk bag
  • A chalk ball

to get those of you who are brand new to bouldering a great gear set.
And on top of this, we’re offering 20% off all harnesses, or a Mega Deal if you buy the shoe starter pack and harness together.

Included with all this, we’re putting an even bigger discount on all our left over summer tops and trousers, with a huge flash sale rail.

We will also be offering a 10% discount on 5 and 10 climb passes on the night!

Vegware Cup Trial

As previously announced, during 2017 we have been making the move to compostable Vegware food packaging across the cafe. Over the Big Flash Weekend 2016, we used Vegware cups across the 3 days to help reduce the pressure on the Crew (and the dishwasher!). It worked so well last year, we thought we’d do the same we did the same this year so we thought we would trial this on a day to day basis.

So far, the feedback from the crew has been very positive in terms of the reduced pressure when we’re busy, however, we aware not everyone is happy with the decision. We are certainly not the first climbing centre to move to disposible ‘paper cups’, but we are one of the first to move to 100% compostable packaging. The benefits of which are:

  • Less Water Consumption (Dishwasher)
  • Less Detergent (Dishwasher)
  • Avoiding use of non recyclable materials eg ‘normal’ ceramic / paper coffee cups.
  • Reduce pressure on the Crew during busy periods meaning more capacity for serving, not washing.
  • As we make all our food and cakes on site, reducing pressure on the dishwasher also massively helps the Kitchen Crew maintain a tidier working area
  • Keeps the centre cleaner and tidier as cups (and other packaging) can now be placed in the brown bins, and not left around the centre.

We will continue to trial this until the end of the year and then review whether to make the move permanent or move back. We Never Stand Still, but we’re also not afraid to go back or change if something doesn’t work.



Building In Highball | #NeverStandStill

We have embarked on our 4th major build in 5 years to add more bouldering wall surface and also provide a vastly improved strength and conditioning area. Whilst the building work is relatively quick, there will be delays while we wait for certain pieces of equipment, e.g. matting, staircase etc., Please bear with us while we, once again, make major improvements to Highball.


Bottled water is the last remaining plastic in our fridge. We did not want to remove it altogether because a: there is demand for bottled water and b: we didn’t want to replace it with glass bottles for safety reasons. Instead, we decided back in September to increase the price to £1 and donate 20% of all bottles water sales (gross) to charities supporting beach / can clean ups

Each quarter we will shortlist a few charities and you can vote on who gets the money.

prAna Jeans Sale | Highball Shop

For the month of November we are doing a 20% off deal on prAna jeans! This covers al jeans ordered in for sizes we don’t currently have in stock, too. we thought that just saying the offer was on wasn’t enough, se we asked the staff for their opinion on the jeans, too:

Axiom Jeans, Male Cut:

The first thing I noticed about the Axiom was the darkened stone wash colour of the fabric and the cool orange stitching in little areas around the leg, but then there was the fit. I’m a 30W 32L and these bad boys fit perfectly,not tight and not too baggy and with the added bonus of a Diamond Gusset allow for all the stretching positions you would ever need, even my mate Sharma had this to say “I’m always wearing the Axiom Jean. It is a great durable pant that is really comfortable to climb in and I can go straight from the crag to dinner at a restaurant.” obviously I agree, he is my best mate…
James Potter

An excellent jean all round, I’ve been wearing them for the best part of a year and have absolutely no complaints so far.
Xylophones make a wonderful sound, if I owned one I would make a song singing the jeans praises, they are extremely comfy and great for climbing in.
I do not regret getting these jeans, and I would definitely purchase another pair.
Outside they have helped me get up some great climbing. Plus they look great, and who doesn’t want to look good they climb?
Many a jean I have owned, but these are my favourites. Super functional, great to climb in with their magic Diamond Gusset, and look great, too.
Guy Copland

Kara Jean, Female Cut:

These are a fantastic lifestyle jean that fit really well, not too skinny so that they are super tight, but just enough that they make you look good. They are designed with a good amount of stretch making them comfy to wear and easily roll up for when the weather eventually gets warmer. The Kara jean goes well with all footwear from walking boots to flip flops and everything in between, especially including climbing shoes!
Leah Cameron


James demonstrating the ease of climbing and the clear stylishness of the jeans

Route Setting | News On The Bloc

Zone 3, Guy Copland & Thomas Smith, 8th-9th
Stamina Board + Roped Walls, Ben West, 21st-22nd
Zone 4, Yann Genoux, 22nd-23rd
Comp Wall, Guy Copland & Thomas Smith, 30th-1st(Dec)


The first Monday of every month is Ladies night, and we have many offers on! For example, Bouldering inductions are £5 rather than the regular £20, and coaching is completely FREE!
If this interests you, please head on down to our website HERE and get booking!

Café | #NoMeatNovember

For the whole of November The BetaCafe will only be serving vegetarian food, we will be serving exciting new sandwiches, wraps and bagels! Brunch is also changing slightly so expect, mushrooms, tomatoes and hash browns, with the possibility of veggie sausages!

You will also be happy to here that all Teapigs are now back in stock, with some new flavours. Apple and Cinnamon, Yerba and Up Beet, so come on down and try them!

Pizza nights are weather dependent this month however we will have a back up, so keep an eye on social media to know what is going on!


View From The Crew | Sam Caynes


I’m the only member of the café crew who’s name doesn’t start with J, so you can call me Jam for continuity if you’d rather.

I’ve been working at highball for only around a month now, and already feel like a well established member of the highball family! All the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming, and have made me feel like this is where I belong. I hit the ground running with one of my first few weekends being the flash, where I was running the pizza oven with Adam. Although I have been climbing at highball for around 3 years, it was my first time at the flash, and what a fantastic experience it was.

The socialness of climbing is what set it apart from other sports, and the feeling of community that Highball creates is amazing. Climbing here is always enjoyable, whether you’re climbing with friends, or making new ones, its always a great experience – no wonder it’s a growing sport. Outside of work I love to cook and bake, so getting paid to do it here as well is a bonus. When I am not at Highball you can probably catch me listening to my music to loud, or wondering around the city looking for places to drink an unhealthy amount of coffee…

There’s never a moment working here that isn’t enjoyable – I’m sure all the crew would agree – and I feel very lucky to be part of the highball family. If you see me eyeing up a route pretending to know what I am doing, be sure to say hi!


Round 1 – Winter Bouldering League

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