NuKids – February 2018

February 12, 2018 11:35 am


The Atmosphere

This round of NuKids was the first to feature the Squad Zone! Thomas and Guy had a whale of a time setting blocs up on the new walls, and went a bit wild with the problems. The rest of the staff had a set too, and in total 30 blocs in the grade Font 3 to 6b (with a couple of sandbags thrown in – can you guess which ones?) were set, ready for the competition.

Highball was bustling with boulderers ready and filled with eagerness to get on the orange holds and give all they had!


Alex Slaughter showing the difficult high-leg in the cave


Attacking The Blocs

With the use of the Squad Zone and the DMM Comp Wall, the blocs were a lot more spread out this round. There were a bucket load of interesting blocs set, from the tough high-footed climb in the cave, to the side-ways dyno on the Squad Zone wall.

A fast favourite was the half-moon bloc on the far left of the Squad Zone, evoking a lot of bat-hangs from competitors in fits of levity.


Wrap Up For Round 4

As is usual with a bouldering competition, the atmosphere was great, with loads of friendly banter and fun being had around Highball. The competitors were a great sport (thats right, I mean it you lot!), and the bouldering was on point.

The Play Your Cards right was won on this round of NuKids! So, in the next round (in 2 months), the jackpot will be rolled back to £25.


February 2018 NuKids Results

Senior Female
1st – Anna Hartley
2nd – Emma Pestell
3rd – Kate Colingridge
Senior Male
1st – Ollie Watlns
2nd – Adam Monahan
3rd – Josh Holms
1st – Joe Martin
2nd – Seb Duncan
3rd – Tim Reed


Youth A Female
Youth A Male
1st – Conall Moffat
Youth B Male
1st – Finn Duncan
2nd – Jack Barrett-Kelly
3rd – Stan Reed


Youth B Female
1st – Hannah Brown
2nd – Beth Barnard
3rd – Lydia Benjamin
Youth C Male
1st – Jack Babey
Youth C Female
1st – Lottie Bruce
2nd – Gina Parr
3rd – Charlotte Bowden

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMETEAM NAMEEVENTAGEGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSPOINTS 
2ADAM ALDRIDGENUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM961551251111155555158100996
3CHE METCALFNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM10514511111115511100013105
4MAX KARENNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM123111511151511111120003123
5OLI STOCKMANNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM195111121121111325511115121164103195
6NIC REDFERNNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM19411111111111155511151111190004194
7OLIVER TRUBYNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM19812111111111125232151145151164114198
8WILL MOORENUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM20011511111111111251111151191003200
9CHRIS FEENEYNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2021311111111111111151112191101202
10BRENDAN JOHNSONNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM207111111111111215111512312183102207
11ROWAN SHINGLERNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2231111111111111121111131515211102223
12PAUL HODGSONNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM24511111111111111111151212111232001245
13LIAM ABIGAILFAT CATNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2351111121111111111111123121213100235
14GARY CRUSHNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2381111111111111152111111111231001238
15MATT WARBYNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM23911111121111121511111112121214001239
16HUGH GORICKNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2411111121111111112111111353133212401241
17DAVE FREESTONENUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM24111211411411112411411111121114213050241
18DANIEL MOLLOYDERRICKNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM24511111111111111112112111511232001245
19NICK SHACKCLOTHNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM240111111111111115115111112151231003240
20OLIVER FRERE-SMITHNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM24811111411111111111112113541114231131248
21ANDY BAUGHANNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM24311111111111111111112114131231110243
22ALEX SLAUGHTERNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM254112114211111211112114112531111215121254
23JOSH HOLMESNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM2571111141111111131111111151111250111257
24ADAM MONAHANNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM26611111111111112111211211321113234200266
25OLLIE WATKINSNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM2621111111111111111111111531112251101262
26DANIEL FREANNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM26711111111111111113111111541111260111267
27JAKE COLLINSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM27011111311111111211211111141111252110270
28DAVID FOWLERGALLANT EMUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM272111112111111111514111111411111261021272
29KEVIN GARRODNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM272111112112111112114111111411112244020272
30RICHARD SHACKCLOTHYOUR MUMNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM27511112111111111211111111511111262001275
31GARY ADAMSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM274111111111111121113111111541111261111274
32TOBY HUGHESNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM280111112111111121214111111121111254010280
33MO HAMEEDBIG FAT LEGENDSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM282111111111111111113112111311112262200282
34MIKE MCKENNAGALLANT EMUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM283111111111111111214111111311111271110283
35ANDREW JACKSONNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM285111112111111111111111111331111271200285
36BEN DREWRYGALLANT EMUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM29011111111111111111111111111111290000290
37ANDREW CARTERA.ANUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM29011111111111111111111111111111290000290
38TOMASZ WALUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM29011111111111111111111111111111290000290
39RICHARD DIDWELLNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM291111111111111111111111111511111290001291
40JOE HARRISONA.ANUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM294111112111111111111111111211111282000294
41JED TIZZARDNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM294111221111111111111111111111111282000294
42JONNY BONDNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM294111111112111111111111111211111282000294
43ALEX CORLESSHIGHBALL YOUTH SQUAD 1NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AM294111111111111111113111111111111290100294
44AARON PORTERNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM300111111111111111111111111111111300000300
45MATT IRELANDGALLANT EMUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORM300111111111111111111111111111111300000300
46JO SWOFAT CATNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF89151511152255117200589
47JEMMA ADAMSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF10212515111155511191005102
48EMILY JARVISNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF1091551151111155555115100009109
49GWYNNE BRAIDWOODNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF168125135511111151515511111151107168
50LYDIA ROBERTSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF177112111111111111111171000177
51JANINA TAMBORSKINUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF18911112111111111111411181010189
52WIOLETA KRAKORSKANUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF1961311111111115111111213181201196
53ROXANNE MCDOWELLNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF1961211151111112151111111182002196
54ABYGAIL HADLEYNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF20113111111111122151114111182111201
55CLARE FREEMANGALLANT EMUSNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF2051111111211111511111112192001205
56KATE COLLINGRIDGENUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF195113111131111111112111181200195
57EMMA PESTELLNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF2201111111111111111111111220000220
58ANNA HARTLEYNUKIDS FEB '18SENIORF237111111111111111111111121231000237
59RICHARD BENJAMINNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM12511211131115551115111104125
60PAUL MOLLOYNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM1121115131112111101101112
61TIM REEDNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM13411111111112211122000134
62SEB DUNCANNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM1721111511111111511111170002172
63JOE MARTINNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM26011111211111111111112113521113233201260
64JONATHAN GOODCHILDNUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM26411111411111111211111112521111243011264
65CRAIG BAIRDA.ANUKIDS FEB '18VETERANM297111111111111111112111111111111291000297
66GINA PARRMINI BEASTSNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH CF21811112511111111111111111211001218
67LOTTIE BRUCEYOUTH SQUAD 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH CF234111111111111111111111131230100234
68CHARLOTTE BOWDENMINI BEASTSNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH CF2051121251111111111111111192001205
69JACK BABEYMINI BEASTSNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH CM2051111121111111215111111192001205
70ELLIOT TEMPESTANUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BM12211551511151252515115102008122
71STAN REEDMINI BEASTS 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BM1871111111111121111111181000187
72JACK BARRETT-KELLYNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BM210111111111113111312131222174300210
73FINNNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BM2511111111111111111411311252111232111251
74ALEX ROBERTSONHIGHBALL YOUTH SQUAD 1NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BM285111111111111121112111111511111272001285
76GEORGINA REDFERNMINI BEASTS 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BF1721241141111112155111411152032172
77LYDIA BENJAMINYOUTH SQUAD 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BF1871111111111111111211181000187
78BETH BARNARDMINI BEASTSNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BF20111112431111111115111112182111201
79HANNAH BROWNYOUTH SQUAD 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH BF2381111111111111111115111121231001238
80MADDI BENJAMINHIGHBALL YOUTH SQUAD 1NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AF255111112111111211111121113111233100255
81TILLY REEDMINI BEASTS 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AF272111111111111111112111111541114261021272
82CONALL MOFFATNUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AM2442111121111111221111111253131205201244
83BEN PESTELLHIGHBALL YOUTH SQUAD 1NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AM286111113111111111111111111141111280110286
84SAM MADDOXMINI BEASTS 2NUKIDS FEB '18YOUTH AM294111111111111111111111111131111290100294


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