NuKids – June 2018

June 26, 2018 5:27 pm


The Atmosphere

The first NuKids evening since the big NuKids masters weekender! Thomas and Guy came out of their caves to lurch some blocs violently around the centre, giving us another brilliant evening of bouldering finesse.

Probably most noticable about this NuKids event was the orange holds. Yes, we do normally have orange holds for NuKids, and yes, they are the same orange holds that are normally around the centre. But they were very neon and noticeable.


A novel way to tackle a bridging problem


Attacking The Blocs

There were a decent couple of blocs out there for this round of NuKids, with a few dutty sandbag routes thrown in for good measure! A particularly aggressive pinch problem on the overhang of the DMM Comp Wall left almost all competitors spat off on the floor, looking bewildered!

A nice cheeky bloc was the bridging problem in the doorway on the back wall. As you can see in the picture, not every attempt to complete it was strictly the most efficient, but possibly even a little showy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

0844 NuKids Artwork 2018 V0_5 PR

Wrap Up For NuKids

As per, we absolutely loved hosting the comp night, everyone of you boulderers (well, most, anyway) are a joy to climb with and chat to, giving us a great evening, competitor and staff alike.

Keep an eye out for our next round of NuKids in August, it’ll be a blast to see you all there too!

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February 2018 NuKids Results

Senior Female
1st – Abygail Hadley
2nd – Laura Baldwin
3rd – Janina Tamborski
Senior Male
1st – David Freestone
2nd – Andy Baughan
3rd – Joe Dillan
Veteran Male
1st – Seb Duncan
2nd – Richard Benjamin


Youth A Female
Youth A Male
Youth B Male
1st – Jack Barrett-Kelly
2nd – Finn Duncan
3rd – Dylan Burge


Youth B Female
1st – Lydia Benjamin
2nd – Gerogina Redfern
3rd – Hannah Brown
Youth C+ Male
1st – Oscar Preston
Youth C+ Female
1st – Gina Parr
2nd – Lottie Bruce
3rd – Cara Feeney

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMETEAM NAMEEVENTAGEGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUS
TOPGUNJUDE CLARKE20 MINUTE WONDERNKR1SENIORM300111111111111111111111111111111300000
TOPGUNJONNY BONDWEREKIDZNKR1SENIORM283111111111111111141111112311111271110
TOPGUNLUCAS DIGGINESNKR1YOUTH AM28011111111111111111111115111111280001
TOPGUNALEX CORLESSNKR1YOUTH AM2771111111111111111111111112111271000
TOPGUNKEVIN GARRODNKR1SENIORM27011111111151111111111115111111270002
TOPGUNDAVID FOWLERWEREKIDZNKR1SENIORM26911111211131111112111112311111243200
TOPGUNJOE MARTINNKR1VETERANM26611111111111211114111215111111252011
TOPGUNKATIE FISHERNKR1YOUTH BF2621112121111111111111113113111242200
TOPGUNOLLIE WATKINSNKR1SENIORM26211112111131211112111115112111234101
TOPGUNJAKE COLLINSNKR1SENIORM26111111112131111111111115115111251102
TOPGUNALEX SLAUGHTERNKR1SENIORM2611111111114111111411111112111251020
TOPGUNMADDI BENJAMINNKR1YOUTH AF2581111111112121111111115113111242101
TOPGUNALLAN POWERWEREKIDZNKR1YOUTH AM258111111111121111311111211111242100
TOPGUNJONATHAN GOODCHILDNKR1SENIORM25211111211131211114111115114111232121
1DAVID FREESTONENKR1SENIORM24711111113151411111111115213111231212
2ANDY BAUGHANNKR1SENIORM24611113114131111111111215214111222221
3HANNAH BROWNNKR1YOUTH BF241111211113151111111111115111231102
4JACK BARRETT-KELLYNKR1YOUTH BM24111115111111111121211211111223001
5FINN DUNCANNKR1YOUTH BM2341111212111111111111511111222001
6JOE DILLANGAMBLING ADDICTIONNKR1SENIORM2251112111115111121212112111195001
7ABYGAIL HADLEYNKR1SENIORF222151114111111111111111111220011
8ALEX HYDENKR1SENIORM220121111312111111114111111202110
9GEORGINA REDFERNNKR1YOUTH BF21711115111515111121111511111211004
10NIC REDFERNNKR1SENIORM217111251111511111111111111211002
11GINA PARRNKR1YOUTH CF215111121115121211111131111193101
12JOHN BROOMHALLNKR1SENIORM212111141115111111151111111210012
13LAURA BALDWINNKR1SENIORF2061514111151211111121115111192013
14GARETH CORKNKR1SENIORM20411111111521112511111111192002
15JANINA TAMBORSKINKR1SENIORF201111511111511113511121111191103
16IAN DAYNKR1SENIORM20112113313151111151141115111181313
17WIOLETA KRAKOWSKANKR1SENIORF1951111512131111311111111181201
18ROWAN SHINGLERNKR1SENIORM1911111511115111351151215111181105
19LYDIA BENJAMINNKR1YOUTH BF1901511511151111151111511511190006
20LOTTIE BRUCENKR1YOUTH CF190111111111115111111511190002
21DYLAN BURGENKR1YOUTH BM1801213511211121135513151211144304
23RICH SLYTIRED TRIERSNKR1SENIORM1741112511111111112111162001
24CHRIS FEENEYTIRED TRIERSNKR1SENIORM1671115521111111111111161002
25SEB DUNCANNKR1VETERANM1601111111111111111160000
26OSCAR PRESTONNKR1YOUTH D+M1481515511121231151115511132106
27SUZANNE POLANDNKR1SENIORF12711155111115115121121004
28RICHARD BENJAMINNKR1VETERANM13011511111115515111130004
29JAMES ROLLSNKR1SENIORM7715155211515551171007


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