September 1, 2016 9:02 am

Pricing 2016Dear Highballers,

The time has come to adjust some of our prices. Since we opened in September 2012, we’ve experienced amazing growth and got to know loads of bloody nice people who’ve got on board the Highball train and helped us introduce climbing and bouldering to the people of this fine city and beyond…

As our regulars will know, we never stand still. We have consistently grown and developed the business; reinvesting year after year by extending the climbing and bouldering walls, introducing the training areas and equipment, constant new climbing holds and increasing the number of circuits, cafe/kitchen/shop upgrades, and of course, committing to an aggressive route setting schedule, using only the best route setters from across the country.

As the business has grown, so to have our running costs. We have absorbed these costs for as long as we can but, the time is now right for a few tweaks to the entry prices – our first since we opened – not only to ensure the business remains sustainable for your future enjoyment, but also to make the pricing structure simpler and easier to understand (and explain!).

We’ve worked hard to keep any increases as minimal as possible and we hope all our customers feel the service, product and constant change and development (and hard work by our team) is worth this small increase. Here’s a summary of the changes:

There is no increase to Pre Paid Climbing Memberships

  • There will be one single ‘anytime’ entry fee – No more On Peak/Off Peak Tariff.
  • Members still get discounted climbing. Concessions and Juniors still have discounted entry
  • Extra membership packages have been added so you don’t have to pay more if you don’t want to. For example, if you currently climb off peak for £6.50, you can still do so by using the right membership.
  • Registration is now free (was £2) – if you register online/electronically.
  • Juniors are now categorised as Under 18, not Under 16.
  • Shoe hire for under 18’s is reduced to £2


We are committed to making Highball one of the country’s best climbing centres and will continue to invest in the business at all levels. We are very proud of what we have achieved in 4 short years and will continue to move Highball forward and work towards our vision of providing world class climbing facilities for all ages and abilities. We’ve plans in the pipeline; watch this space….

Thanks for playing a huge part in our journey so far…

Mike & The Highball Crew.


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