January 29, 2019 1:31 pm


The Atmosphere

Well, what a collection of scores from all of those who competed! Some pumped climbers getting back into the flow of their climbing groove and crushing the problems Max Ayrton has set!
With the majority of the blocs on the Squad Zone, we saw a nice busy comp area! A high scoring round for most, with everyone making most of the problems look easy!
Of course they can’t all be super easy, so Max threw in some big sandbag problems! Some trying alternative Beta, especially on the green Blocs Volume slap bang in the middle of the vertical section.


‘Rate my Gurn’ took place on the corner problem of the Squad Zone


Attacking The Blocs

Max Ayrton was in the building setting the penultimate round of this years Winter Bouldering League, we’re proud that these guys who compete within our Big Flash Festival come back to set for us! Being only his 2nd time setting for us here at Highball, he may have slightly underestimated how strong you guys are! Especially as we are in ‘the flatlands’, but you guys crushed! A nice array of problems across the board for this round, plenty to keep yourself warm on throughout the colder months.


Wrap Up For Round 3

Hannah Whaley crushing the female competitors and Garry Smith just holding on from Aaron Porter snapping at his heels, closely followed by Benjy Wilcock again keeping that pressure on Aaron and Garry to not drop any moves! With this round being a high scorer some of you guys have been saying to expect a hard set for the final round next month. I won’t be giving anything away but we would recommend some rest beforehand.

John Golder won the jackpot this week. Another collection of awesome raffle prizes from our sponsors Snowfit, DMM Climbing, Scarpa and Friction Labs, with Gwynne Braidwood claiming the ‘tea towel’, which was technically a Buff Beanie.


Round 3 Results

Senior Female
1st – Hannah Whaley
2nd – Emma Pestell
3rd – Ada Schoonfeld
Senior Male
1st – Garry Smith
2nd – Aaron Porter
3rd – Benjy Wilcock
1st – Craig Smith
2nd – Joe Martin
3rd – Richard Benjamin


Youth A Female
1st – Lizzie Nicholls
2nd – Maddie Banjamin
3rd – Erin Collins
Youth A Male
1st – Alex Robertson
2nd – Alex Corless
3rd – Jake Caston
Youth B Male
1st – Coby Diggines
2nd – Same Pestell


Youth B Female
1st – Beth Barnard
2nd – Lydia Benjamin
Youth C Male
No competitors within this age category
Youth C Female
1st – Lottie Bruce

Full table of scores

Craig Smith WBL R3VeteranMale111111115 11 111111 1  1 1 112211001217
Joe MartinWBL R3VeteranMale111111111111111121212183000201
Richard BenjaminWBL R3VeteranMale1115121111511111131002137
Garry SmithWBL R3SeniorMale111111111311111111115511111240102244
Aaron PorterWBL R3SeniorMale1111111114113111111515114111230122238
Benjy WilcockWBL R3SeniorMale11111111131141111111511111230111236
Bradley DigginsWBL R3SeniorMale1111111111131111111511111230101234
David FowlerWBL R3SeniorMale111111111112111111121111222000234
Aaron ThackerWBL R3SeniorMale1111111111141111115111111230011232
David BradbeerWBL R3SeniorMale1111121111151111115111111221002227
Steve NewellWBL R3SeniorMale11111111111111121111111221000227
Jed TizzardWBL R3SeniorMale11111111311111111111111220100224
John GolderWBL R3SeniorMale111111111111111115151111220002220
Daniel WarnckenWBL R3SeniorMale111111111151111115111111220002220
Ryan GoodgerWBL R3SeniorMale1111111111111111111111220000220
Dave FreestoneWBL R3SeniorMale11131111511211111111111201101211
Ben BallWBL R3SeniorMale121511111111111151115171003177
James HowWBL R3SeniorMale1311111112511111131101141
James DowningWBL R3SeniorMale1111111111111130000130
Hannah WhaleyWBL R3SeniorFemale1112121121111111121211175000205
Emma PestellWBL R3SeniorFemale1114151141111111151411170032176
Ada SonnenfeldWBL R3SeniorFemale131515111112111155111151104161
Michaela HasnipWBL R3SeniorFemale1231511111151115131131203145
Gwynne BraidwoodWBL R3SeniorFemale15211111115111115131003137
Alex RobertsonWBL R3Youth AMale111111115111111111511111220002220
Alex CorlessWBL R3Youth AMale1212111111111111131111190000211
Jake CastonWBL R3Youth AMale151111111111111111170001170
Lizzie NichollsWBL R3Youth AFemale11111111311111111151114112221111233
Maddie BenjaminWBL R3Youth AFemale1113151111111111151213171202185
Erin CollinsWBL R3Youth AFemale1121511111111115115151003157
Coby DigginesWBL R3Youth BMale111111111113111111111111230100234
Sam PestellWBL R3Youth BMale111515111111151115111170004170
Beth BarnardWBL R3Youth BFemale1511511111111111212152002164
Lydia BenjaminWBL R3Youth BFemale1221511111151111315132103148
Lottie BruceWBL R3Youth CFemale11115111111211111151001157


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