Round 4 | SBL18

July 31, 2018 12:00 pm


The Atmosphere

Right, so some of you might have noticed that bright, burning ball of fire in the sky. It’s been pretty relentless lately, and on this particular day, the humidity and heat were so high that it was impossible to get two blocs in and not be a sweaty mess!

So obviously, it was the march of the sweaty topless men. I tried to avoid getting them in every photo but they were just everywhere!

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Attacking The Blocs

Jason Pickles was in da haus setting, and in such hot conditions! He did his best to set blocs that would be climbable whilst also dealing with the adverse conditions, throwing in big powerful moves and nice big holds.

Of course, there were some excellent problems in the mix, and the round went by brilliantly. Most notable of the blocs, at least from my perspective, was a cheeky green number on the slab end of the DMM Comp Wall. Nice high feet, or a mantel, those were your options! Rob Woodward, president of the UEA Climbing Club, described the climb as “Ouch”. It doesn’t get more riveting than that, folks!


Wrap Up For Round 4

You know, Dean Koontz said “Cowards shrink from toil and peril, Vulgar souls attempt and fail; People of mettle, nothing daunted, Persevere till they prevail.”, by which I think he meant that truly awesome people put in the hard work, and you all did! You should give yourselves a pat on the back (after you towel dry, though), for a brilliant round.

The next Round will be set by Guy Copland and Friends, as due to unfortunate IFSC-related circumstances, Yann is now unavailable! We look forward to seeing what Guy and the guys have in store for us 😉

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SBL18 Round 4 Results

Senior Female
1st – Emma Pestell
2nd – Emma Forrest
Senior Male
1st – Gary Kitchen
2nd – Jude Clark
3rd – John Beesley
Veteran Male
No Participants


Youth A Female
1st – Maddi Benjamin
Youth A Male
1st – Alex Corless
2nd – Ben Pestell
3rd – Lucas Diggines
Youth B Male
1st – Sam Pestell


Youth B Female
1st – Katie Fisher
2nd – Lydia Benjamin
Youth C+ Male
No Participants
Youth C+ Female
No Participants

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMETEAM NAMEROUND/EVENTAGEGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSRank Score
16KATIE FISHERR4 SBL18YOUTH BF140121115111112114315122112500
17MADDI BENJAMINTHE TEAMR4 SBL18YOUTH AF1331112115124111211113011400
22EMMA PESTELLR4 SBL18SENIORF1011111112111391100330
27LYDIA BENJAMINR4 SBL18YOUTH BF6711511152161002270
28EMMA FORRESTR4 SBL18SENIORF541152112542002220
1GARY KITCHENTHE TITANSR4 SBL18SENIORM25711411112111111111241111114211233030500
2JUDE CLARKTHE TEAMR4 SBL18SENIORM25411211111111111111111111211242000400
3JOHN BEESLEYTHE TITANSR4 SBL18SENIORM24911411412111112111141111114211223040330
4JOHNNY GOLDERR4 SBL18SENIORM22911411151111111111111115211221012270
5BRADLEY DIGGINESR4 SBL18SENIORM2281111151111111112111113211212101220
6ROB WOODWARDTHE TITANSR4 SBL18SENIORM20311111141111111211221115183011180
7ANDRIUS ZUKASR4 SBL18SENIORM198111115131111121111115512182103150
8MICHAEL GILBERTTHE TEAMR4 SBL18SENIORM194111115511111112111211515182004130
9ALEX CORLESSTHE TEAMR4 SBL18SENIORM19311111554212111111211115515173015110
10BEN PESTELLR4 SBL18YOUTH AM18311111552114111111111441171032100
11AARON PORTERR4 SBL18SENIORM18011111111111111111118000090
12STEVE NEWELLR4 SBL18SENIORM170111115112111311121451515211380
13DAVID BRADBEERR4 SBL18SENIORM1681211155511111121111351515210570
14JED TIZZARDSWEATY WETTYR4 SBL18SENIORM152115111554111115111515115001660
15LUCAS DIGGINESR4 SBL18YOUTH AM144111115121111121113200150
18CONALL MOFFATR4 SBL18YOUTH AM12511111121312215110310145
19MICHAL MILASR4 SBL18SENIORM11411111111111311010040
20OLLIE WATKINSR4 SBL18SENIORM113121115151152141529301435
21ANDY BAUGHANR4 SBL18SENIORM1111211151152512119300330
23BOBBY ALLENR4 SBL18SENIORM1001111111151110000125
24JAKE CASTONR4 SBL18YOUTH AM87111111525118100220
25LUKE FORRESTR4 SBL18SENIORM7915111114217101118
26SAM PESTELLR4 SBL18YOUTH BM771111512117100116


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