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The Atmosphere

Being the Final round of this edition of our Winter Bouldering League some climbers where in need of attending this round, to potentially get themselves into the Grand Final next month! All depending on how the other competitors got on during this round. Tom was back after a little break from setting, helping Chief Guy out with what we would class as a techy set this round!
Many droppable problems throughout this round meant beta sharing was common place, just what we like to see, but a super psyched bunch as usual!


Got to thank this little dude! Sam, was your photographer for the night!


Attacking The Blocs

Guy and Tom pulled out all the moves for this round, destroying Benny during the testing, and yes Tom did have his testing boots on for the first time in too long! Squad Zone proved to be the popular area as usual, having all the funky shapes, holds and volumes. It was classed as a ‘old skool’ set from some of the climbers, taking this comp back to the basics, but in general a great round for all, with a high scoring round to finish off the league!

WBL19 R4 1X1 - 111018

Wrap Up For Round 4 WBL

Being the final round of the WBL, there was a sense of urgency to top as many problems in as little attempts as possible. A single drop on a problem could cost one of these guys their place in the final! With that in mind, there where some high scores from some of the strong boys! Aaron Thacker took the win out of the Males with 274 in total, only just taking the podium place with a few other snapping at his heels! Emma Pestell took the Senior Female overall win!

For those of you who have entered at least 3 WBL Rounds, we shall be announcing the GRAND FINAL Competitors soon giving you guys plenty of time to recover and rest before the big blocs are out!


WBL Round 4 Results

Senior Female
1st – Emma Pestell
Senior Male
1st – Aaron Thacker
2nd – Garry Smith
3rd – John Golder
1st – Craig Smith
2nd – Joe Martin
3rd – Richard Benjamin


Youth A Female
1st – Maddi Benjamin
2nd – Erin Collins
Youth A Male
1st – Ben Pestell
2nd – Jake Caston
Youth B Male
1st – Coby Diggines
2nd – Sam Pestell


Youth B Female
1st – Katie Fisher
2nd – Lily Bird
3rd – Hannah Brown
Youth C Male
1st – Jack Babey
Youth C Female
1st – Gina Parr
2nd – Lottie Bruce
3rd – Charlotte Bowden

Full table of scores is found HERE


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