Round 1 | Winter Boulder League

December 1, 2018 4:42 pm

ROUND 1 | Winter Boulder League




Wrap Up






The Atmosphere

Rolling into our first round of the Winter Bouldering League, Dave Barrans gave us such a range of blocs there where many bitter sweet stories between the climbers. In general it was expressed that this opening round has been a tough one, no better way to warm yourself up on these cold months again by pulling hard under some competition pressure.

The Youth Squad where out in force as usual alongside all you beautiful regulars.


A always smiley Lottie crushing as usual

Attacking The Blocs

Mr Barrans, 2 times The Big Flash Winner, put up some hard as nails blocs for this opening round, giving the crew a hint when het set “its not about campusing in my sets”. I think it was generally agreed that there was a good range of problems making use of feet and the hands.

The spread of problems throughout the Squad and Comp wall meant there was plenty of space to dynamically get into positions but also meant there was a full variety of wall angles to work around.

WBL19 POSTER 1X1 - 111018

Wrap Up For Round 1

Well, as you may be aware, we’re now looking at the beginning of a new league season! So this round is the first of 4 before the grand final, and you need to compete in 3 to be in with a chance of making it to the finals!

The next set will be by the lovely bunch of Smith and friends ready for round 2 on the 28th December! Remember round 2 is taking place a few hours earlier than usual due to our Christmas opening times. Round 2 will therefore kick off at 2:00pm until 5:00pm with the centre closing ay 6pm.


Round 1 WBL Results

Senior Female
1st – Emma Pestell
Senior Male
1st – John Golder
2nd – Benjy Wilcock
3rd – Garry Smith
1st – Joe Martin


Youth A Female
1st – Lizzie Nicholls
2nd – Maddi Benjamin
3rd – Erins Collins
Youth A Male
1st – Sam Maddox
2nd – Alex Corless
3rd – Conall Moffat
Youth B Male
1st – Finn Duncan
2nd – Jack Barrett-Kelly
3rd – Sam Pestell


Youth B Female
1st – Katie Fisher
2nd – Lily Bird
3rd – Hannah Brown
Youth C Male
1st – Jack Babey
Youth C Female
1st – Gina Parr
2nd – Lottie Bruce
3rd – Charlotte Bowden

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMETEAM NAMEROUND/EVENTAGEGENDER123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSPOINTS
1Joe MartinWBL1VM15111313151115511110204118
1John GolderWBL1SM1511115111111111121111111111251002257
2Benjy WilcockWBL1SM1512115211112111111111121111224002248
3Garry SmithWBL1SM1511115111115111111111121111241003247
4Jude ClarkMe.WBL1SM111115151111111111111121111241002247
5Bradley DigginesMagic XXXLWBL1SM1511115211115111211111111111232003244
6Matt CatchpoleWBL1SM1511115111115111111241111111231013239
7Aaron PorterWBL1SM1511115111115111211221121111214003238
8Andrius ZukasWBL1SM1511115211115111111141121111222013236
9David FowlerWBL1SM151111111115111211311141111221112233
10Aaron ThackerWBL1SM11111111115132111111141111221111233
11Steven GilhamWBL1SM121113311151511111111111191202205
12Karl NortonWBL1SM111111211112115111111182001194
13Steve NewellWBL1SM111112311111111211121111203100225
14Rob WoodwardWBL1SM111141111121111331111111201210217
15Daniel WarnckenWBL1SM12111111123111151111162101178
16Zak TyrellWBL1SM11122131211111111133100155
17Ryan GoodyerWBL1SM111155111211115111141003147
18Louis CaseleyWBL1SM11211111111101000107
19Hayden WellsWBL1SM1115112117100177
20Bobby AllenWBL1SM21111116100067
21James CollinsWBL1SM125412213301153
1Emma PestellWBL1SF1111511145119001292
1Sam MaddoxDynamic DynosYouth AM111115111115121111211111111232002244
2Alex CorlessYouth AM1211111111111111151000157
3Conall MoffatYouth AM1112121111192000104
1Lizzie NichollsWBL1Youth AF1111111111511111121111111231001237
2Maddi BenjaminWBL1Youth AF13111121111111121100131
3Erins CollinsWBL1Youth AF31155114116011266
1Finn DuncanWBL1Youth BM155111511155515115111130008130
2Jack Barrett-KellyWBL1Youth BM1212222131121176100116
3Sam PestellWBL1Youth BM111111155218100287
1Katie FisherWBL1Youth BF11111111111111151111111220001220
2Lily BirdDynamic DynosWBL1Youth BF111115111211111111161001167
3Hannah BrownWBL1Youth BF11111111111110000110
4Beth BarnardWBL1Youth BF2121111345117211190
5Lydia BenjaminWBL1Youth BF21111116100067
1Jack BabeyWBL1Youth CM11114000040
1Gina ParrWBL1Youth CF15121111111211112001124
2Lottie BruceWBL1Youth CF13121311117120085
3Charlotte BowdenDynamic dynosWBL1Youth CF113111117010074
4Esme FothergillWBL1Youth CF1111115000060


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