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Scottish Winter Trip 2019

The 2019 Highball Scottish Winter Trip will take place from 23 February to 3 March 2019 and our fingers are crossed for another great week of weather!

The week is coordinated by Highball (and our members) with the aim of bringing Norfolk based winter climbers and mountaineers together to enjoy a week away, buddy up on routes, share knowledge and experience, and get loads of stuff done.

We also reserve some days with the only known Norfolk born British Mountain Guide, Matt Stygall, for those who want some climbing coaching or, a full on winter climbing experience. This year, we have also teamed up with Steve Pease from Vertical Ascent, to offer a Winter Skills Course for anyone who new Scottish Winter Mountaineering.


How Does It Work?

Whilst the week is coordinated by Highball, it is not a commercial trip; it is up to individuals to book and organise their own travel, accommodation, and any time they may want with either Matt or Steve etc.. The main aim is to coordinate our independent trips and therefore benefit from each others knowledge, experience, and psyche!

We’ll organise a couple of meet ups (training nights?) at Highball in the months before we depart, and once we are all in Scotland, our evenings will be used to review weather and avalanche forecasts, plan the following days routes, trips and teams, all whilst consuming as many calories as possible!




For the last few years we’ve based ourselves at Fort William Backpackers Hostel, but this year the group have opted for a change and decided to base ourselves at the refurbished Glen Nevis Youth Hostel. Prices for dorm beds are currently £16 to £22.50 per night for our week and by booking as a group, we can take advantage of a £30 Group Membership.



Most of the group will travel up on Saturday 23 February, with some arriving earlier or later in the week. There will be opportunities to car share within the group or, you can just make your own way their.


What Previous Experience Do You Need?

If you want to climb independently/buddy up and go out winter climbing then you’ll need to have at some previous climbing experience (ropes, harnesses, & trad gear) and have experience of using ice axes and crampons. If you are a regular 3 season hillwalker/climber/scrambler and want to take your first steps into winter, then we’d recommend booking on the Winter Skills Course with Steve Pease….

If you’re interested in joining us on the 2019 Scottish Adventure, please come to reception and ask for Mike.

Details of the Guiding and Winter Skills Courses are below.


Winter Skills Course

The Winter Skills Course is suitable for anyone wanting to take their first steps into winter hillwalking and mountaineering or, anyone who feels they want a refresher on rusty skills. There is a 3 day itinerary to get you started on snow covered winter mountains, with day 3 culminating on a journey through the mountains.

Our Winter Skills Course will be hosted by Steve Pease (MIA) of Vertical Relief, and you can view more information here.

Prices are £140 each for 4 people or, £120 each for 6 people. To reserve your place you will need to pay £60, with the balance payable before 1st February.



A British Mountain Guide is able to take clients climbing in winter conditions. Why book a guide? You’ll likely climb something really cool, you’ll learn loads, will potentially climb something longer/harder than you would do normally and, if the conditions are good you may even tick a classic climb! Guides can work on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis when climbing, but they can also work with a group of 4 if guiding on a mountaineering objective, like a ridge, as opposed to a full on climb. Over the last few years, Matt has worked with members of our group in all the above ratios.

Matt’s Scottish Winter Prices are:
1:1 – £220 per day
1:2 – £230 per day (£115 each)
1:4 – £250 per day (£62.50 each)


Winter Navigation Course

We’re also looking into organising a Winter Navigation Course between now and the so if you’re interested, let us know.


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