TBC Comp August 2019

September 2, 2019 11:19 am



Wrap Up



The Atmosphere

The August edition of the TBC comp went down a treat with a great turnout of all ages, with at least one competitor in each age category. Moving away from using just the ‘orange holds’ have definitely opened up the possible setting style within the TBC comps, and this shows from the grins and gurns from the competitors especially in this round. Everyone gave the blocs a good crack as usual too which is always encouraging to see!


The battle with the pink in Zone 4

Attacking The Blocs

Chief Setter Guy fully admitted there where some tricker blocs that where a little deceptive. The Red on the comp wall saw a few people come flying off the wall from the specifically funky beta. A bloc that had its beta broken by a you guys was the Mango within the Cave, you cheeky lot found a nasty little crimp to make the deadpoint no existent!


Wrap Up For TBC August

The August edition of TBC was our last comp until THE BIG FLASH returns in October, where there shall be a TBC round on the 11th October! Plenty f eager climbers getting in their practice before that big weekend! Overall though everyone was trying hard with many of the regulars Top Gunning above the score of 236. We’re already looking forward to the October edition! Play Your Cards Right was won as well meaning that will restart come the next round. All in all another great evening of climbing!


August TBC Results

Senior Female
1st – Laura Baldwin
2nd – Michaela Hasnip
3rd – Abygail Hadley

Senior Male
1st – Lewis Draycott
2nd – Jake Caston
3rd – Daniel Barnard

1st – Jason Downing
2nd – Richard Benjamin
3rd – Dom Lacey

Youth A Female
1st – Jessica Fisher

Youth A Male
No competitors below Top Gun

Youth B Male
No competitors below Top Gun

Youth B Female
1st – Beth Barnard
2nd – Jessica Mumford-Smith

Youth C Male
1st – Kieran Hodgson
2nd – Ethan Cole
3rd – Sam ?

Youth C Female
1st – Charlotte Bowden
2nd – Cara Feeney
3rd – Lauren Mumford-Smith

Youth D Female
1st – Lea Rabe

Youth D Male
1st – Ben Livermore


Full table of scores

VeteranScoreSenior MaleScoreSenior FemaleScoreYouth A MaleScoreYouth A FemaleScoreYouth B MaleScoreYouth B FemaleScoreYouth C MaleScoreYouth C FemaleScoreYouth D MaleScoreYouth D FemaleScore
Joe Martin (TG)265Karl Norton (TG)300Maddi Benjmain (TG)251Archie Browne (TG)246Katie Fisher (TG)287Stan Reed (TG)247Lily Bird (TG)284Kieran Hodgson222Layle Rabe (TG)240Ben Livermore44Mia Rabe (TG)240
Jason Downing204Daniel Warncken (TG)300Laura Baldwin236Lydia Benjamin (TG)237Beth Barnard230Ethan Cole220Charlotte Bowden227Lea Rabe107
Richard Benjamin164David Bradbeer (TG)300Michaela Hasnip228Jessic Fisher217Jessica Mumford Smith76Sam ?107Cara Feeney130
Dom Lacey156Daniel Ward (TG)288Abygail Hadley227Kieran Clayton98Lauren Mumford-Smith120
Matt Draycott138Henry Downing (TG)288Nina Avery221
Andy Baxter112George Thacker (TG)287Hui Hang217
Karl Jermy78Bobby Allen (TG)286Jessica Barrett201
Alex Durrant (TG)283Michaele Stevens200
Ben Ball (TG)280Ayda BB147
Anthony Pearce (TG)277Tara Ward141
Callum Wright (TG)275Georgia Millard117
Aaron Hodgson (TG)265Hannah Hunt111
Greg Byrant (TG)264Evy Coe94
Andy Baughman (TG)253Fibi Rabe77
Joe Douglass (TG)251Harina Pais55
Allan Power (TG)248
Sam Claxton (TG)247
Tom Grayling (TG)247
Hugh Gorick (TG)244
Oliver Frere-Smith (TG)242
Lewis Draycott236
Jake Caston234
Daniel Barnard228
Paul Hodgson227
Billy Ledain221
Ben Shephard220
Andy Fulwood217
Bartek Witek217
Max Avery211
Richard Dexter210
Matthew Pinnock201
Jamie Lacey197
Darren Clayton183
Will Gray180
Rob Green160
Ross Mcinroy144
Chris Feeney134
William Harenga120


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