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July 1, 2019 12:29 pm

June Edition | TBC Comp




Wrap Up



The Atmosphere

Being our first instalment of the new TBC Comp Series, after we finished off our Nukids Series last month with the Masters evening, this one went off with a bang! Nearly 70 people turned up for the first edition of the comp, with everyone in super psyched moods! Guy was assisted by some of the new and upcoming in-house setters, James, Jake and Gilby!

These problems had the usual orange tape to dictate the start holds, but now when the tape inevitably falls off, we have put some white tags next to the start holds too, so you can continue to climb the comp blocs well after the comp evening! The holds varied from the normal orange holds this time, so they blend in a little more with the circuits too.


Benny was in awe of some of the moves being pulled this comp

Attacking The Blocs

A fresh set of blocs from the in-house crew alllll around the centre meant the competitors got to play on every single angle we have to offer. Some technical problems, some reachy problems, some dynamic problems and some strong problems! The setting crew gave a bit of everything, which was just a delight, each putting their own setting and climbing style on the wall!

Wrap Up For TBC June Edition

With top-gunning being revealed at 265 and higher meant that it was all to compete for. Some regular competitors topgunning this round, clearly showing some progression with their dedication to the sport!

Its always a pleasure for our staff to watch you guys trying really hard, we’re already looking forward to the next one in August, we hope you guys are too!


TBC June Results

Senior Female
1st –  Maddi Benjamin
2nd –  Rachel Harding
3rd – Aby ?
Senior Male
1st – Tom Massingham
2nd – Paul Hodgson
3rd – Andy Baughman
1st – Simon Browne
2nd – Richard Benjamin
3rd – Andy Baxter
Youth A Female
1st –  Imogen ?
2nd – Ruby ?
3rd –
Youth A Male
1st – Edward Mellor
2nd –
3rd –
Youth B Male
No Competitors
Youth B Female
1st – Beth Barnard
2nd – Emma Blatch
3rd – Freya Reeve
Youth C Male
1st – Ethan Cole
2nd – Kieran Hodgson
3rd – Sammy Browne
Youth C Female
1st – Charlotte Bowden
2nd – Matilda MacCallum
3rd – Cara Feeney

Full table of scores

NAMETEAM NAMEEVENTAGEGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUS
Cara FeeneySly and the Family FeeneyTBC R1Youth CF90111111115190001
Matilda MacCallumTBC R1Youth CF1011112111113191100
Charlotte BowdenTBC R1Youth CF1841111111551111311115111180103
PtolemyTBC R1Youth CM8011151111180001
Sammy BrowneTBC R1Youth CM801111111180000
Kieran HodgsonTBC R1Youth CM140111111111111151140001
Ethan ColeTBC R1Youth CM150111151555111111115511150006
Albert WitekTBC R1Youth DM201120000
Lisette Vanden WildenbergTBC R1Youth BF80111111515180002
Freya ReeveTBC R1Youth BF1091112111114151101011
Emma BlatchTBC R1Youth BF1221111111111114120010
Beth BarnardTBC R1Youth BF2141111111111111111121121202000
Gina ParrTBC R1Youth BF297111111111111111111211111111111291000
RubyTBC R1Youth AF5711121151000
ImogenTBC R1Youth AF6011111160000
Katie FisherTBC R1Youth AF300111111111111111111111111111111300000
Edward MellorBeeschurgerTBC R1Youth AM26111311112321111411111111112111233210
Archie BrownTBC R1Youth AM266114111111112214121111311112111234120
Jude AllenBeeschurgerTBC R1Youth AM277114111111111113111211211112111253110
Jack Barret-KellyTBC R1Youth AM283111111122114112111111111111111263010
Alex CorlessTBC R1Youth AM285111111111111113111111311112111271200
Jordan MarshallCheeseTBC R1SeniorF343115551530104
Emmy VincentTBC R1SeniorF6411151115360102
Georgia MillardTBC R1SeniorF7011551111555170005
Samantha HodgsonTBC R1SeniorF801111111180000
Bonnie StathamTBC R1SeniorF8711155111125181003
Bridy ParsonsTBC R1SeniorF16011411111311511113511150212
Hannah PrattTBC R1SeniorF1681111111111121135121152101
Elaine BarkerTBC R1SeniorF194111111152111111111121182001
Laura BaldwinTBC R1SeniorF2051121111231215111111155111183103
Alice SmithTBC R1SeniorF2051151111111211252113111511183103
AbyTBC R1SeniorF24111511112111212111111111111223001
Rachel HardingTiddiesTBC R1SeniorF2521121111211521111221111112111216001
Maddi BenjaminTBC R1SeniorF264111111111211111121411211244111234030
Gary ChampionTBC R1SeniorM6011111160000
Spencer PaytonCheeseTBC R1SeniorM130111111555111111551130005
Bartek WitekTBC R1SeniorM13911121351141152111542113123
Chris FeeneySly and the Family FeeneyTBC R1SeniorM147111111111111121141000
Andy FullwoodTBC R1SeniorM180111111111111111111180000
TomTiddiesTBC R1SeniorM213111111311113311311112111191400
Jake CastonTBC R1SeniorM25111111121111111111111113111241100
Aron HintonTBC R1SeniorM16411111111111211211152000
Rich SlySly and the Family FeeneyTBC R1SeniorM167111111151121111111161001
Ian DayTBC R1SeniorM2261151111541111511211111152111212014
Ron SturmanTBC R1SeniorM2271121111551111111111111111221002
Dan BarnardTBC R1SeniorM233215111151111411131111111111221112
Florian ChotardTBC R1SeniorM24311311113321211411221111113211195410
Andy BaughanTBC R1SeniorM24511311114111421411221111112121205130
Paul HodgsonTBC R1SeniorM24711111115311214111111211152111223112
Tom MassinghamTBC R1SeniorM24911311111221412111211311132111205310
Ben YelvertonTBC R1SeniorM265114111141112114111111411111111251040
Harry PiercyTBC R1SeniorM27011111141311211111111111111211252110
Ben BallTBC R1SeniorM272112111111111414112111311111111252120
Toby HannantTBC R1SeniorM278115111111111112111111311112111262101
Jordan SmithTBC R1SeniorM282112111111112111111211211113111254100
Alex DurrantTBC R1SeniorM289111111114111111112111111111111281010
Henry DouningTBC R1SeniorMisc294112111111211111111111111111111282000
Anthony PearceTBC R1SeniorM294112111111111111112111111111111282000
Daniel WarnckenTBC R1SeniorM297111111121111111111111111111111291000
Joe HornerTBC R1SeniorM300111111111111111111111111111111300000
Karl JermyTBC R1VeteranM9711111151125191002
Andy BaxterTBC R1VeteranM84111513111180101
Richard BenjaminTBC R1VeteranM130111111511115111130002
Simon BrowneTBC R1VeteranM144111311111111111140100
Joe MartinTBC R1VeteranM277111111111111113112111311114111261210


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