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The Flash Championship is an opportunity to climb alongside some of the best climbers in the UK on The DMM Comp Wall
One of the Biggest Comp Walls in the World!


The Flash Championship

It’s an Open Comp, which means there is no minimum requirement, just register for FREE, turn up on the day and #GetClimbing. It will be fun, challenging, and exciting, and you’ll hopefully rub (broad) shoulders with some of the best climbers in the UK.

The event follows a world cup format with 2 qualifying sessions on the Saturday, with the semi-final and final on the Sunday. All the Blocs throughout will be set by an infamous bunch; Jamie Cassidy will be (finally) popping his Big Flash route setting cherry and we’ll also be welcoming back Yann Genoux, Andy Long, and Jason Pickles. It’s a strong team this year with a huge amount of experience at national and international level, so expect to be tested and tricked to the max!

The Showcase Final will take place on the Sunday evening in front of a huge crowd and will be broadcast online live around the world!!


To help us cater for as many climbers as possible, the qualifiers will be split into 2 sessions: Qualifier rounds A and B. Qualifier A will take place on the Saturday morning, and Qualifier B on Saturday afternoon. You can select your preferred session when you register online.

The qualifying round is the informal part of the competition where climbers self-mark their own score card as they attempt 30 flash problems The problems will be a range of difficulty, starting at Font 5+ and get harder and harder.

We welcome entries from individuals, senior teams* and youth teams (New for 2017). If you are part of a team, your individual score will still be eligible for the Championship Competition.

The highest scoring 20 males and 20 females from the qualifiers will go through to the Semi Final on Sunday morning.

Read the Rules.

*All team members must have a Live Annual Membership, i.e. are Highball Members, and be mixed gender.

  • Highball opens at 10:00 on Saturday the 14th
  • Qualifier A – Saturday 14th October, 10:30-13:30
  • Qualifier B – Saturday 14th October, 14:00-17:00

Semi Final

The Semi Finals will take place on the DMM Comp Wall. The 20 men and women who qualified will take on 5 problems each ‘on sight’, with each problem judged independently. The highest scoring 6 males and 6 females will go through to the Grand Final.

  • Semi-Finals Isolation open times – Sunday 15th October, 10:30-11:00
  • Semi-Finals start – Sunday 15th October, 11:30

Read the Rules.

Grand Final

The climax of the festival will be Sunday evening’s Grand Final, which will take place on the DMM Comp Wall. Each finalist will attempt 4 problems across a range of surfaces.

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of hours and every competitor will feel the support of an excited Highball crowd, who will cheer on the finalists as they crank, crimp, and crush their way up the blocs!

Note: The Big Flash Grand Final format will continue to be 4Plus. It’s a showcase final and a jewel in the Highball calendar, designed to excite and inspire the watching crowd. Adopting the IFSC’s new 4Dead format would, in our opinion, be detrimental to the show. The show must go on.

  • Finals Isolation open times – Sunday 15th October, 17:30-18:00
  • Finals start – Sunday 15th October, 18:30

Read the Rules.


OK, I’m up for it, what do I do next?!

Register Online (From 1st September) selecting which qualifier you’d prefer, turn up, make a donation, collect your scoresheet on the day and #GetClimbing.

In 2016 we raised £4380 for Climbers Against Cancer and The East Anglian Air Ambulance, this year we’re gunning for £5k for the same charities

Prize Money – 2017

Flash Championship (M & F)

  • 1st £500
  • 2nd £350
  • 3rd £200
  • 4th £150
  • 5th £100
  • 6th £75

Flash Championship – Youth Teams

  • 1st £300
  • 2nd £200
  • 3rd £100

This year the Youth Category will become a team event. Teams need to have 4 members (no more or less), be a mix of gender with at least one member from each of the following age categories: Youth A, B and C.

Flash Championship – Team Prize
(Highball Members Only)

  • 1st £300
  • 2nd £200
  • 3rd £100

As the big prizes will go to the ‘big Guns’, our team event is reserved for Local Highball Members only.
Teams need to have 4 members (no more or less), be a mix of gender and all team members must have an active Annual Membership.


Any Youths taking part in the Flash Championship will be climbing the same problems as the adults – there are no youth specific problems. Parents/Guardians, please be aware of this and consider the NuKidsComp for younger children.

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