Upgrades – NeverStandStill

September 20, 2019 6:11 pm

Upgrades – NeverStandStill

Over the next week or so we are going to be carrying out some building work to make better use of the old clinic space at the front of the building.

Conditioning Area and Studio

The Strength & Conditioning Area (SACA) was added in Feb 2018 and we added the studio space earlier this year.  Both have been very well used/utilised so, we have decided to make a few changes to make them even better.

The Studio will be out of action for the next week while we make some structural changes to the old clinic below. Once these changes have been made, we will then move the SACA downstairs into the old clinic, with a revised studio going back on top.

Note: The SACA will remain open up until the point we’re ready to move it, which shouldn’t take that long.

Hold Store

Another part of this process involves extending the existing hold store. Whilst almost none of you will see this, you will have seen how much we’ve invested in new volumes during the last year or so, and we’ve just made a BIG investment in new holds from Xcult, plus a few other orders from Core and the Schlamberger Group too. In fact, we’ve just spent more on holds than we have in the last 2 years in total (although a % of this is Brexit related – let’s not go there!)
As we’ve expanded the facility, storage space is becoming rarer, so we thought we’d try and solve this operational issue whilst we make the other more exciting changes.

Please bear with us while we make these changes. We will keep you updated on Facebook and Twitter.

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