Winter Bouldering League – Round 3

January 4, 2018 3:54 pm


The Atmosphere

This round was the first setting of the Squad Zone! With the new zone at Highball being set for the first time, and by Nathan Phillips, this meant that it was extremely busy. Competitors were queued up, excited to take part in this round and try out the new wall.

The rounds are starting to feel a little warmer again, and this time round layers weren’t quite as necessary. With the build up of a little speech from Benny about the new mats (they’re a lot stiffer than the old mats, so remember to climb down!) the rope was withdrawn, and the comp began!


Benjy Wilcock smashing the volume bloc in the Squad Zone


Attacking The Blocs

With the competition style setting done by Nathan Phillips, there were plenty of very interesting blocs to keep everyone entertained. The routes set in the Squad Zone were exceptionally difficult, one sporting only two holds and two volumes. A couple of dynos were littered about, and feet were frequently leaving the wall.

Nathan Phillips unpredictable style left the competitors wary from climb to climb, and the blocs were all independently brilliant.


Wrap Up For Round 3

Round 3 was markably a tougher round than the previous rounds, but the blocs were interesting and keeping the climbers on their toes (or off them). The round was a blast and as always there was a great atmosphere and a strong sense of camaraderie and community.

The round tailed off with a few die-hards still trying to get those sends, and if you looked closely you’d have seen a cheeky monkey having a bash at the Green route on the arrête.

This rounds Play Your Cards Right was not won, so the prize money of £25 rolls over to the new round, which is on January 26th and will be set by Yann Genoux. See you then!


WBL17 Round 3 Results

Senior Female
1st – Ella Gilbert 151
2nd – Juliet Scott 148
3rd – Amelia Gee 110
Senior Male
1st – Benjy Wilcock 226
2nd – Garry Smith 219
3rd – Aaron Thacker 218
1st – Will Webb 156
2nd – Craig Baird 152
3rrd – Roger Macdonald 146


Youth A Female
1st – Lizzie Nicholls 184
2nd – Maddi Benjamin 122
3rd – Emma Pestell 101
Youth A Male
1st – John Golder 241
2nd – Bradley Diggines
Youth B Male
1st – Coby Diggines 158
2nd – Ben Pestell 157
3rd – Elliot Tempesta 118


Youth B Female
1st – Tilly Reed 154
2nd – Alissa Mardle 114
3rd – Millie Rushworth 90
Youth C Male
1st – Finn Duncan 134
2nd – Sam Pestell 103
3rd – Stan Reed 100
Youth C Female
1st – Lily Bird 123
2nd – Gina Parr 112
3rd – Lottie Bruce 97

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMEROUND/EVENTCATEGORYGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSTEAM NAME
1Alex DennisWBL17 R3SENIORM70111111170000Kirstens Back!
2Jacob Tilford-DackWBL17 R3SENIORM9011111111190000
3DunWBL17 R3SENIORM9011111111190000Dun
4Ciaran O'neillWBL17 R3SENIORM91111155121115581004
5James LoftusWBL17 R3SENIORM12211111151511111120002
6Tom BarrettWBL17 R3SENIORM126111121515151111535111105Lone Badger
7Luke SlipperWBL17 R3SENIORM1301511151111111152121003
8Andrew JacksonWBL17 R3SENIORM1331121111515111131121102Lone Badger
9Craig SmithWBL17 R3SENIORM136151111151151111145130014
10Oliver HiltonWBL17 R3SENIORM14011115112151511111131003
11Gary AdamsWBL17 R3SENIORM14311111111515111115140003
12Carl FarrowWBL17 R3SENIORM14711111131111111145140111Zone Of The Senders
13NO NAMEWBL17 R3SENIORM147111111111111112141000Zone Of The Senders
14Mateusz MatyaszekWBL17 R3SENIORM147111111111111112141000
15David BradbeerWBL17 R3SENIORM1481111111111111125141001Lone Badger
16David FowlerWBL17 R3SENIORM1501511151111131111144140122Fighting Camel
17Jed TizzardWBL17 R3SENIORM150151115112155151111125132006Kirstens Back!
18Alex WebbWBL17 R3SENIORM1511511111111111111150001
19Ben DrewryWBL17 R3SENIORM15411111111421111115554141023Fighting Camel
20David ReidWBL17 R3SENIORM16711111111111111112161000Punter Squad
21Peter DuffinWBL17 R3SENIORM16211111411111111111160010
22Adam MonahanWBL17 R3SENIORM17312211211111211111252136001
23Aaron PorterWBL17 R3SENIORM1761511131111511111125141161113
24John BeesleyWBL17 R3SENIORM216151114121511113121111111441192132
25Aaron ThackerWBL17 R3SENIORM2181531111111112121111111241193111Team Supreme
26Garry SmithWBL17 R3SENIORM2191511151215111131211111121442184123
27Benjy WilcockWBL17 R3SENIORM226151115111111211111111151431211113
28Bridy ParsonsWBL17 R3SENIORF91111312111181100Crushing Crimps
29Kate CollingridgeWBL17 R3SENIORF9311225512111173002Lone Badger
30Anna HartleyWBL17 R3SENIORF1001111111111100000Kirstens Back!
31Kirsten BishopWBL17 R3SENIORF10111111111115100001Kirstens Back!
32Pally WithersWBL17 R3SENIORF102111155111111100002
33Amelia GeeWBL17 R3SENIORF11011115511211115101003
34Juliet ScottWBL17 R3SENIORF148151111111131111145140112Team Supreme
35Ella GilbertWBL17 R3SENIORF1511111111112111113141100
36Seb DuncanWBL17 R3VETERANM91111151111190001
37Richard BenjaminWBL17 R3VETERANM91111511111190001
38Tim BishopWBL17 R3VETERANM12811111521111111121001
39Jonathon GoodchildWBL17 R3VETERANM139151111311151111145130113
40Roger MacdonaldWBL17 R3VETERANM14615111111112151112132002
41Craig BairdWBL17 R3VETERANM15215111111111111115150002BJ
42Will WebbWBL17 R3VETERANM156111112211111111235133101
43Bradley DigginesWBL17 R3YOUTH AM2101211121511115111111111441192022
44John GolderWBL17 R3YOUTH AM24111111511141111113151111121431221222
45Lizzie NichollsWBL17 R3YOUTH AF1841511121111151111111225163003Punter Squad
46Maddi BenjaminWBL17 R3YOUTH AF12211113511111112111101
47Emma PestellWBL17 R3YOUTH AF1011112555115111191004Stop Flashing
48Ben PestellWBL17 R3YOUTH BM15714111511114512111113141122
49Coby DigginesWBL17 R3YOUTH BM1581111511311111111154150112Stop Flashing
50Elliot TempestaWBL17 R3YOUTH BM118111145211311131101211
51Tilly ReedWBL17 R3YOUTH BF154151111111511111114150012Team Supreme
52Alissa MardleWBL17 R3YOUTH BF114111121111112102000
53Millie RushworthWBL17 R3YOUTH BF9011111111190000
54Lydia BenjaminWBL17 R3YOUTH BF591121511551002
55Finn DuncanWBL17 R3YOUTH CM13411111121111112122000
56Sam PestellWBL17 R3YOUTH CM1031111511551111100003Stop Flashing
57Stan ReedWBL17 R3YOUTH CM100111512151111591003Team Supreme
58Jack BabeyWBL17 R3YOUTH CM1001111111111100000Mini Beasts
59Sapphire A-WarnesWBL17 R3YOUTH CF58152111151001Highball
60Georgina RedfernWBL17 R3YOUTH CF61111111560001
61Charlotte BowdenWBL17 R3YOUTH CF9011111111190000
62Beth BarnardWBL17 R3YOUTH CF94111311111190100
63Lily BirdWBL17 R3YOUTH CF123151115111151111120003Mini Beasts
64Gina ParrWBL17 R3YOUTH CF1121111511151111110002Mini Beasts
65Lottie BruceWBL17 R3YOUTH CF97111211111191000


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