Winter Bouldering League – Round 4

January 29, 2018 12:36 pm


The Atmosphere

The competitors this round were quietly confident in their ability prior to the round, studying the blocs set by Yann Genoux. Highball was filled with anticipation, and the teams were repping their team colours for the Winter Bouldering League!

Outwardly, they blocs seemed almost welcoming, but little did the boulderers know what the round held in store…


Team Players of the Crushing Crimps reppin’ their colours


Attacking The Blocs

The blocs set by Yann were tough, requiring lots of good footwork and body positioning to complete. Needless to say, a lot of people were poppin’ off the wall regularly, trying desperately to make moves! This round featured a tough fist-jam manoeuvre through the overhang to the right of the centre arrete, which had most climbers crying for mercy.

Regardless, a lot of fun was had, as always, at this round of the Winter Bouldering League!


Wrap Up For Round 4

Local strong-boi Matt Ireland got to take part in the PLay Your Cards Right this round, but unfortunately for him he didnt win! (Should’ve gone lower mate 😉 ) This means that the jackpot rolls on to the next round and accrues another £25!

We look forward to seeing you all again at the next round on the 23rd of February, which will be set by Jason Pickles! See you there!


WBL17 Round 3 Results

Senior Female
1st – Juliet Scott – 164
2nd – Anna Hartley – 111
3rd – Amelia Gee – 102
Senior Male
1st – Gary Smith – 216
2nd – Aaron Porter – 197
3rd – David Taylor – 197
1st – Craig Baird – 160
2nd – Will Webb – 159
3rd – Tim Bishop – 136


Youth A Female
1st – Lizzie Nicholls
2nd – Maddie Benjamin – 121
3rd – Emma Pestell – 110
Youth A Male
1st – John Golder – 214
2nd – Bradley Diggins – 209
3rd – Michael Gilbert – 191
Youth B Male
1st – Alex Robertson – 167
2nd – Alex Corless – 160
3rd – Craig Chapman – 30


Youth B Female
1st – Alissa Mardle – 137
Youth C Male
1st – NONE
Youth C+ Female
1st – Lottie Bruce – 64

Full table of scores

POSITIONNAMEROUND/EVENTCATEGORYGENDERPOINTS123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSTEAM NAME
1Lizzie NichollsWBL17 R4YOUTH AF162111111511111111115160002Punter Squad
2Robyn LindsayWBL17 R4SENIORF3315151530003Fighting Camel
3Bridy ParsonsWBL17 R4SENIORF6011111160000Crushing Crimps
4Amelia GeeWBL17 R4SENIORF10212515515111151191005
5Anna HartleyWBL17 R4SENIORF111111151111111110001
6Juliet ScottWBL17 R4SENIORF164111111111111114411160020Fighting Camel
7David ReidWBL17 R4SENIORM10110000Punter Squad
8Daniel MollyWBL17 R4SENIORM10712111111111101000
9Sebasian WatersWBL17 R4SENIORM1091111111125115101002Fighting Camel
10Matt WarbyWBL17 R4SENIORM1081111114411131100120
11Ryan GooodgerWBL17 R4SENIORM123112111511112125103002
12Jonny BondWBL17 R4SENIORM147111111111111121141000Fighting Camel
13Adam MonahanWBL17 R4SENIORM13411111111211121122000
14Gary AdamsWBL17 R4SENIORM151111111211111134521132111
15Toby HughesWBL17 R4SENIORM1601121111121111125215134002
16David ChidleyWBL17 R4SENIORM156111111111111152215142002
17Oliver HiltonWBL17 R4SENIORM17011111111111112511155161003
18Jed TizzardWBL17 R4SENIORM17311111111111111111555170003Crushing Crimps
19Dan JamesWBL17 R4SENIORM171112111111111121121153000
20Tomasz WalusWBL17 R4SENIORM1721111115511111511152511161005We don't care that much
21Ben DrewryWBL17 R4SENIORM165121111511111111121152001Fighting Camel
22Luke SlipperWBL17 R4SENIORM1751111111111111113115170101
23Alex HarrisWBL17 R4SENIORM1781111111111111151252155162004
24Nate SixxWBL17 R4SENIORM180111111111111111111180000Crushing Crimps
25Andres Guilien PerezWBL17 R4SENIORM1901111113511111111511511555180106
26Rob WoodwardWBL17 R4SENIORM1961111115211111511151111355181105Punter Squad
27David TaylorWBL17 R4SENIORM19711111112111111115112155182003Punter Squad
28Aaron PorterWBL17 R4SENIORM197111111551111111141111451190023
29John GolderWBL17 R4YOUTH AM2201111112511511151115111115125202006
30Garry SmithWBL17 R4SENIORM219111111121111131115111135235192303
31Craig ChapmanWBL17 R4YOUTH BM3011130000
32Alex CorlessWBL17 R4YOUTH BM1601111111111111111160000Duck Egg Blue
33Alex RobertsonWBL17 R4YOUTH BM1691111111111111251115161002We don't care that much
34Lottie BruceWBL17 R4YOUTH CF64111113160100
35Alissa MardleWBL17 R4YOUTH BF144112111111111121132000We don't care that much
36Allen PowerWBL17 R4YOUTH AM14011111111111111140000
37Jack SimmondsWBL17 R4YOUTH AM15211211231111111311132200Slapp and Tickle
38Michael GilbertWBL17 R4YOUTH AM19111111121111111122111173000Duck Egg Blue
39Bradley DigginesWBL17 R4YOUTH AM211111111151111111151111142201012We don't care that much
40Emma PestellWBL17 R4YOUTH AF111111111111511110001Duck Egg Blue
41Maddi BenjaminWBL17 R4YOUTH AF12211113121111511111101Duck Egg Blue
42Richard BenjaminWBL17 R4VETERANM531551511150003
43Joe MartinWBL17 R4VETERANM1181112155151111521102004
44Tim BishopWBL17 R4VETERANM1361155111111111221122002
45Will WebbWBL17 R4VETERANM160111111111111141521151011
46Craig BairdWBL17 R4VETERANM1601111111111111111160000


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