Yoga (and Pilates) are both excellent ‘off the wall’ training routines which, if practised regularly, can improve Core Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. These three areas are fundamental in climbing, and just small improvements in all three can make a big difference on the wall.

Part of our Grand Plan has always been to provide a space for complementary training so, we are pleased to finally begin offering small classes from March 2019.

These classes will take place in our Conditioning Area and, if they prove popular, we will work to increase the number of classes and/or capacity.

Initially, all classes will be free* for Members, or £6 for Non Members.

Note: As classes are small you can only book 2 weeks in advance, watch this space…

Andy the Yoga Man


Discovering Yoga in 2013 led Andy to realise that his “healthy active lifestyle” of regular squash, running, cycling and football had become a systematic program for shortening his muscles and tendons.

Combining frequent, high intensity cardio with a career stuck behind a desk had made seemingly straight-forward movements completely inaccessible. Yoga felt like medicine, and soon helped him re-discover his body’s natural movement patterns.

Andy now teaches Yoga and makes sure that all of his classes are practical and accessible, providing an opportunity for absolutely anyone to feel the benefits of a good stretch.

If you would like to improve your mobility and flexibility, head to our website now and book yourself in for a class!

Kate the Yoga Lady

Picture to come soon!

Kate is joining us with her range of Yoga classes, which shall be offered on Sunday mornings. Her first session of the morning, starts at 9:00am, focusing on fundamental movement patterns with core stability, and is a great introductory class for abilities of all levels!

Her second session being offered at 10:00am on Sundays allows those who fancy a lay in to still get involvd as well. These sessions will have a varying focus and will depend on the group during that session, so if you’re unsure of which one to choose we’d recommend either of Katie sessions.

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