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NuKids | Highball Comps

This Friday, February the 9th, we are hosting NuKids! The ‘NuKids on the Bloc’ Comp series caters for the majority of people who use our centre – those climbing up to Font 6b. It’s a fun competition for all ages, perfect for people who are relatively new to climbing or those who don’t take it too seriously – but still like a challenge!

The Highball Crew will set between 20 and 25 problems around the centre, graded from font 3 to 6b, and you have up to 3 hours to complete as many as you can. Score Cards are just £2, and the event begins at 18:30! To let us know you’re going, respond to this Facebook event!

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Half-Term | Highball-idays

Half-term holidays are kicking off on Friday! We’ve scheduled in lots of extra sessions to get your children (and you?) climbing.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your little ones active over the holiday period! The sessions are booking super-speedily, so for more on whats available and for a full calendar to book on, head here on our website.


Auto-Belays | Maintenance

We currently have 3 auto-belays down for their annual maintenance. They should only be down for a short period, and will be back up after a short period of time.

For now, we still have 3 auto-belays for you to jump on, with plenty of routes set by Pickles, so jump on (you know, with your harness) and enjoy!


HATS! PADS! | Highball Shop

The first month of the year is now behind us and with it we leave our January sale, but with the on look of spring and everyone thinking about those nicer days on the way to head outside to the crags and boulders, we will be offering you all:

20% off all bouldering pads until then end of February, along with 20% off all hats.


Circuits + Zone 4 | News on the Bloc

Today we have Ben West (affectionally known as Westy) is here today, resetting the stamina board (Monday), and Zone 4 (Tuesday + Wednesday), with his brilliantly tough style of blocs, and even a couple of blocs in the Squad Zone!

This coupled with NuKids setting on Friday means we’re gonna have a lot of new blocs to get on!!


Weekly Specials | Beta Cafe

Just over 1 week to go until Pancake Day! Sam will be doing pancakes between 10:30 and 4 various toppings available!

Wednesday Jess is doing fries from 6:30, she’ll have cheese, caramelised onion, beans, avocado and much more!

Thursday and Friday Jo is doing Lamb Passanda and Veggie Passanda with Tumeric, Coriander and Cardamum rice!

Brunch and Fries will be on all weekend as well!

HB BetaCafe

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