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Boot Bananas | Highball Special

Had enough of those funky smelling climbing shoes filling your nostrils after a heavy session? Well now’s the time to stop that smell and get that edge back on a shiny new pair of shoes!

Whenever you get a new pair of Climbing Shoes here at Highball, you can get 15% off a pair of Boot Bananas to keep their nice fresh smell as long as possible!


Strength & Conditioning Area | #NeverStandStill

We’re really excited to announce the new Strength and Conditioning Area will be opening this week!


We’ll be having a ‘soft launch’ tonight, with the Youth Squad from 18:00, customers are then invited to use the area from 20:00 onwards in ‘test mode’, which is where we will have a member of the team present to see how things work. We’ll then review how this went, and make any changes and produce a full opening announcement tomorrow (Tuesday).

Please note climbing shoes are not permitted in the Strength and Conditioning area, please wear appropriate footwear, i.e. trainers.



NuKids Masters | Highball Events

Our annual NuKids Masters is here!

This is a huge event we hold every year (hence, annual) that is inclusive of every climber! Just like the regular NuKids comps, it’s set for those climbing Font 3 – 6b+.

There will be loads of events going on around Highball too, like the Zlag board comp, the raffle and so much more! Be prepared for a huge weekend. Head here to register for the comp!

Head here for more information on NuKids Masters.

NUKIDS MASTERS 2017 - A3 - 200218

Weekly Specials | Beta Cafe

Saturday 17th March new brunch menu is launching with Highball, Big Breakfasts available as a meat feast or vegan greatness! Pancakes will also be available and kids options have been added for the little ones!

This Thursday Jo will be doing burgers and fries from 18:00-21:00, you know how much you love those bangin’ fries and burgers though.

HB BetaCafe

The Hightanic | News on the Bloc

Ben West is in! Rocking up the Hightanic, he’s gonna set some belters on the walls.

Have you tried lead or top-rope climbing on our walls before? It’s worth giving these routes a go, these lines are damn good!


BOOST your bouldering | Highball Sesh

Plateau’d a bit, or feeling you could improve with a little bit of coaching? Why not try our boosters?

This popular course is designed either for those new to climbing, ‘ex-climbers’ who have been a way from the sport for a while and want a refresher, or those who have self-taught but now feel they would benefit from some more structured coaching to help them progress. Head to our website to read more and book!

Bouldering Induction Norwich

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