Highball Play

HIGHBALLPLAY is our most exciting climbing activity. It’s a 60 minute session suitable for children from age 4 to 16 – this means it’s perfect for siblings, friends and family members of different ages who previously would have been split across our different activities.

FAMILYPLAY is our family fun session! A similar format to HighballPlay but with parents and children! For this session at least one parent and one under 18 must be booked onto the session.

A full list of information on our Highball Play:

  • No previous experience needed
  • All sessions are fully supervised by our instructor team
  • Lots of climbing games and challenges
  • Increased climbing time
  • Great for siblings, family and friends of different ages
  • Fully automated belay system using our Auto Belay devices; Just clip in and get climbing!
  • No Bouldering.
  • Birthday Party Options are Available
  • Book ‘Exclusive Use’ of the area and there’ll be no max age limit; bring whoever you want, bring Grandma! Or book onto our Faimly Play session!
Highball Play


£10.50 p/person*
Children only
No previous experience necessary
Bouldering - No
Climbing - Yes
60 Mins
Age 4-16yrs


£10.50 p/person or £40 for family of 4
Child & Adult Booking Required
No previous experience necessary
Bouldering - No
Climbing - Yes
60 Mins
Age 4+yrs

*If you fully book the 6 participants for HighballPlay the price per person will reduce to £10 each.

Does my child need any climbing experience?

No. HIGHBALLPLAY is perfect for both newcomers and those with previous climbing experience. However, ‘first timers’ can sometimes be quite nervous and it often takes them a few weeks to get used to the environment and the equipment. Highball is an Adult Training Facility and even children who are ‘really good climbers’ in the eyes of their parents, often find all the equipment and height of the walls/environment etc.. quite daunting.

If you think your child may benefit from an initial private session, check out our 30 minute Junior Taster.

How many climbs will each child get?

This very much depends on the experience and confidence in the group. A group with lots of first timers will get less climbs completed than a group made up of regulars. Some younger climbers may also take a few attempts to get up the wall and some may not make it all the way on the first session. Most HIGHBALLPLAY sessions will have two instructors to help organise and supervise to ensure maximum climbing is had by all.

Will my child get to the top?

We have have a mixture of climbs and challenges suitable for younger children which will allow them to climb to the top IF they want to. Our instructors will not push them further than they want to go; when they’re confident enough, they will get there on their own. Please Note: Very small children may struggle, for example, a child who has only just turned 4. This is a reason we strongly advise little climbers (under 8) book a private 30 minute Taster Session before booking onto the group sessions.

What is the Instructor/Climber Ratio?

We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 9, however, most junior sessions are 1 to 6. We feels this offers increased value for money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes if they feel necessary.

My child is showing an interest in climbing, what’s next after HIGHBALLPLAY?

Children who enjoy climbing and want to learn to become independent climbers or boulderers can progress onto our climbing and bouldering clubs (pay as you go sessions) or our weekend coaching program (6 week blocks).

Can I climb with my children?

Yes you can! If you want to have a go at climbing with your children there’s a few options. You could book a private taster session, check out the MegaSesh, or alternatively, if you can get a few people together, why not book an exclusive session of HighballPlay?

If I join in, will I get to the top?

Now there’s a question! There’s only one way to find out!

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