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December 29, 2016 11:09 am

January 2017 JANUARY 2016 BLOG

You know it’s nearly New Years Eve when your fridge has space for fresh milk, cheese and chocolate is being offered to anyone who will take it (please take it from me!!) and you’re having to stand in your wheelie bin to squeeze in every last bit of rubbish before the bin men come (when are they coming?)…

2017 is almost upon us and that means New Year’s Resolutions! Get Fit, Get Strong, Have More Fun, Be Happy, Try Something New…….#GetClimbing…


Once the festive/school holiday opening hours end next week (see here), we will resume normal opening hours, continuing to open on Mondays from 2pm. Opening later once a week has been really valuable to us. It’s given us time to strip holds (and make a mess while we do it), carry out checks and operational jobs and importantly, it’s given us the opportunity to have a weekly team lunch, something which has been impossible for the last 4 years…


We know from previous years we will be busy in January and February, but one thing which is different to previous years, is how we’ve used the ‘DMM Comp Wall’ to extend the circuits. This has helped us spread spread climbers out and should make a positive difference.

We still expect to be very busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings so, if you want to come in for a good training session, we’d recommend Monday and Friday evenings instead; these are generally much quieter. You could also try to get here earlier in the evening as things don’t get ‘busy busy’ till 7:30ish. So again, if you can come straight from work, you could be leaving before the rush starts.

At the weekends, Sunday is busier than Saturday, and lunchtime/afternoons are busier than mornings.

Use this beta as you wish…


We’ve had a few cold snaps but the jet engine is helping to take the edge off and the ‘Base Camp Tent’ is being well used by both parents and climbers grabbing a brew break. We know we keep mentioning them each month, but we have two great articles on our website which are well worth a read: Keeping Warm & Lewie’s Warm-Up (Climbing Physio)



First of all, R2 takes place tomorrow on 30 Dec from 14:30 to 17:30 with 30 new blue blocs set by Yann.

R3 is on 27 January 18:30 to 21:30 and will be set by Ben West. Remember! Each round is an event in itself but if you want to qualify for the GRAND FINAL, you’ll need to enter a minimum of 3 rounds.

More Info on how the Bouldering Leagues Work Here



We have more stuff on sale than ever, whether you’re after new shoes, chalk bags, shorts, vest, t-shirts and trousers, So get yourself fully kitted up for the climbing year ahead, With upto 50% off from brands like Moon, E9 , Black Diamond and Chillaz.

If you are looking for something specific in the shop but are unable to find it please ask a member of staff as we can probably order it in for you.


  • 5TH – Greds In House
  • 11th – Mr Pickles returns setting the tower
  • 12th – Groos Jason Its f@34%^g freezing Pickles
  • 18th – The Highball Crew unleashed on the Comp wall
  • 19th – Yellows set by the Crew
  • 25th – Junior circuit in house set
  • 27th – Round 3 set by Ben West


Happy New Year to everyone. I’m sure we are all entering 2017 a little heavier than we would like to be, I know I am!

I don’t spend as much time front of house now as I used to, but they do still let me out to do some setting from time time which is great fun.

We have a great team here at Highball that I hope you all find helpful, fun, and also probably a little wacky, but that’s just the way we are.

Highball never ceases to amaze me in just how many new people we see coming through the doors and taking up climbing. I started working at Highball before we even opened, lending a hand when I could to get the place finished!!!!!! The climbing community in Norwich has grown vastly since then. Before there was only a handful of people climbing on a regular basis, And now you bump into fellow climbers pretty much everywhere, even the departure lounge at Marrakech Airport!!!

2016 has now been and gone and with the events we put on each year getting better each time I’M looking forward to the stressful but amazing times these events bring each year, culminating of course in The BIG FLASH 2017 (dates to be confirmed).

I haven’t climb as much as I would’ve liked or should have over 2016 due to time constraints, injury, and the arrival of of my son, Finley, in November. But I hope over the coming year I am able to get back out there on the walls with you all with aim of leading a Highball Team in the Flash Championship.

Climb Safe, Have Fun,







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