CLUBSESSIONS are ‘Pay As You Go’ sessions for young climbers (age 8 to 17) who want to enjoy indoor climbing or bouldering in a relaxed, social environment without structured coaching or the need to commit to a series of sessions.

All sessions are supervised by our Coaching Team who give help and guidance to those who want it and provide supervision for those who just want to climb and have fun. Participants can switch between clubs if they want, varying the activities, and it’s also possible to work towards the initial awards for NICAS and NIBAS – although progression may be slower due to the informal nature of the sessions.

For young climbers who are already part of our Junior Coaching Program (NICAS and NIBAS), CLUBSESSIONS provides a great opportunity to ‘catch up’ if you miss a session, or as a way to log extra climbs or practice techniques towards your next award.






Bouldering is climbing at a lower level (up to 4.5meters) without a rope or harness. Whilst the floor is covered in a soft mat, it does not make bouldering safe. Our instructors aim to maximise bouldering time whilst also reinforcing safe practice, promoting self preservation and helping young climbers develop basic climbing techniques, helping them to become independent, considerate boulderers.

£10.50 p/person
Pay As You Go
No previous experience necessary
1 hour group session
Age 8-17 yrs



Our Junior Coaching Program is the next step for young climbers who are keen to learn, improve and achieve. Highball is an awarding centre for NICAS and NIBAS, national award schemes for young people and we have integrated both schemes into our regular weekend program. Read More.

From £63 Per 6 Sessions
Advance Booking Required
Has some previous Climbing or Bouldering experience and is keen to learn and improve!
75 / 90 min sessions
Age 8-16 yrs


Book At Reception

Does my child need any previous climbing experience?

Whilst previous climbing or bouldering experience is helpful it’s not essential. Previous experience could be attending a climbing session, birthday party or climbing club at Highball or another climbing centre – climbing trees doesn’t quite count ;).


How many climbs will my child have?

This very much depends on the age, experience and confidence in the group. Younger climbers or those new to climbing may need a few attempts to get up the wall and some may not make it all the way on their first attempts, but this is fine; it’s all about setting their own goals. CLUBSESSIONS will often have two instructors (dependent on bookings) to help organise and supervise to ensure maximum climbing is had by all.


Will they get to the top?

We have a mixture of climbs suitable for all ages. If your child wants to get to the top, we’re sure they will be able to, however, instructors will not push your children further than they want to go; when they feel confident enough, they will.

*NOTE: Progression on both the NICAS and NIBAS schemes may take longer on CLUBSESSIONS as they do not strictly follow the syllabus. Read more about NICAS and NIBAS.


How much coaching takes place?

The aim of CLUBSESSIONS is to provide a relaxed climbing environment so young people can have fun and get climbing whilst being supervised. The instructors and coaches on session will provide challenges and games, but there won’t be a formal coaching structure. Coaching will be available to those who want it and this will be managed on an individual basis during the session.


What is the Instructor/Climber Ratio?

We have a maximum working ratio of 1 to 9, however, most of our sessions operate on a 1 to 6. We feels this offers increased value for money and time on the wall. Ultimately, instructors have the final say and will make changes if they feel necessary. CLUBSESSIONS normally operate with 2 instructors for up to 12 participants.


My child is really enjoying climbing and is keen to develop and progress, what’s next?

Highball is an awarding centre for NICAS and NIBAS; national award schemes for young people. Young climbers are able to start either scheme during CLUBSESSIONS, but our dedicated NICAS and NIBAS sessions run at the weekends in 6 week blocks.


Can I climb with my children?

Yes you can, but not as part of CLUBSESSIONS. We offer a few options to enable families to climb together, as well as adult intro courses which will enable you to supervise guests – including your children – when in the centre. For more information, see Supervising Guests.

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