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The Little Flash | Highball Comp

The Little Flash is our Annual Youth Bouldering Competition. It’s fun, challenging and exciting; a great opportunity for young climbers to experience a large scale competition with qualification, isolation, a timed final, and judging, all in front of a big, supportive crowd!

The Little Flash is an ‘open event’ which means there’s no minimum requirement* and junior climbers can enter from across the country; it’s not limited to local, regular Highball climbers.

*This is a Youth Climbing COMPETITION and all entrants will be expected to have appropriate previous climbing experience i.e. entrants should be climbing regularly at Highball or other Climbing Centres (e.g. part of clubs, teams, NICAS, NIBAS etc..).

To learn more about The Little Flash, HEAD TO THIS PAGE!



Ladies Night | Whats On

The first Monday of every month hosts our Ladies Night. It is a chance for women from all walks of life to come and get involved in bouldering and climbing, and ideal for meeting like minded people.

As a female, you will have the opportunity to get highly discounted introductory sessions, which are great for beginners and those who want to supervise any friends, family, and children. We also have free coaching sessions where you’ll receive professional advice on technique, or just some encouragement to advance that bit further (or even up to the next grade).

May 14th we have Ladies Bouldering Inductions, Ladies Auto-Belay Inductions (must be a competent Boulderer), and Ladies Coaching sessions. Spaces are limited so book online before they fill up! Head here for more.



There are two bank holidays this month, on these days we will be offering strong brunch menu consisting of bacon baps, egg baps and sausage baps.

12-19th May is national doughnut week, we will have fresh hot doughnuts available everyday for you to have.
Keep an eye on social media for photos of what we will be offering!

Wednesdays and Thursdays are staying as pizza nights, they will be on from 18:00-21:00 both evenings.

HB BetaCafe

BoulderBag BONANZA | Highball Shop

Tis the season where the sun now occasionally pops up and those ‘puddle hands’ appear while climbing! To help contain that sweat we’re offering a free bag of Snap chalk when a Krieg chalk bag, bucket or kids chalk bag is purchased this May.

Our Snap chalk is packaged with eco-friendly materials, meaning you can recycle the paper keeping the environment ever so slightly happier. Krieg produce some awesome and unique chalk bags that we think you guys will love, no more getting confused whose bag is whose: keep yours unique and keep it yours!

So if you’ve been thinking of trading up from your drab bag, or maybe you haven’t even got one yet, or know someone without, now is the time to buy!


Route Setting | News On The Bloc

2nd-3rd – ZONE 2 – Guy Copland / Thomas Smith

9th-10th – Roped Walls – Jason Pickles

15th-16th – ZONE 3 – Ben West

24th-25th – DMM Comp Wall for Round 2 of the Summer Bouldering League – Guy Copland & Friends!

31st-1st(June)The Little Flash!! – Rob Napier


Michael Gilbert | View From The Crew

So.. My name is Michael, Highball is my first job, I’ve been working at Highball for just over six months. Which means I still have no clue what’s going around here! (Sorry…)
Being here is great climbing or working alike, the community around Highball is amazing be it the customers or the crew. Both are always a joy to be around, well… Except Kieran he’s a big meanie.

The “View” you get from reception is a fairly decent view all things considered, watching people overcome their fears and get to the top of projects is a joy which you can’t really describe.

All in all, if you see me come say hi! We’re always happy to have a chat as long as we’re free!


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