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Highball Climbing Centre’s mission is to provide a world class climbing facility where climbers of all ages and abilities can come together to learn, improve and achieve.

Since opening in 2012, Highball has become a popular indoor climbing facility with an ever-increasing reputation both locally and nationally. Without doubt, our Crew have been instrumental in making Highball the kind of place it is and we are proud of the many positive reviews they have received across Facebook, Google and Trip Advisor.

We aim to hire people who are friendly, smart, determined and hardworking. We look for potential and ability over experience and we absolutely require a good sense of humor, especially when the chips are down!

Our customers comment on how things appear to (mostly) run smoothly but, this is testament to the hard work which goes on behind the scenes….

Picture a large racing yacht cruising across the Atlantic. From a distance, it’s slicing through the sea like a knife through butter but, up close, the crew are running around the deck and hanging off the side to keep the boat upright and on course…. That’s us that is…!!

If you still fancy becoming part of ‘The Crew’ and, at times, hanging on for dear life then keep an eye on this page, where we will upload vacancies as they appear.


We currently have 1 position available at the moment!

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