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The Atmosphere

Round 2 of our WBL saw some of the locals getting a chance to set the array of blocs across the Squad zone and the Comp Wall, also known as ‘Zone 5′. With these boys climbing hard outside there was a different style to the usual comp set from our guest setters. Under the watchful eye of Mr Smith the boys produced a impressive set all across the board! Hopefully not too reachy from the ‘tall boys’.

General consensus for the hardest bloc had to be the Grue at the end of the Squad Zone, small half/full pad crimps on a 30 degree angle. The scorecards reflected how hard that one was with no one sending that route, and only a few getting to the bonus hold.

Definitely a few blocs which where ‘projectable’, but there’s nothing wrong with being shut down by some hard problems! Round 2 set has now been stripped and Zone 5 reset by mr Alex Fry!


The ‘Scarpa’ run and jump bloc gave plenty of faceplants


Attacking The Blocs

Smith and friends really brought the big guns for round 2! Plastering the Squad Zone and Comp Wall (also known as Zone 5 now) with the usual array of holds. The spread of blocs was brilliant as usual, having some slightly easier blocs with some nice movement too, it wasn’t all about those dynamic moves.

WBL19 R2 1X1

Wrap Up For WBL Round 2

A well deserved congratulations to Gary Smith for taking the top spot within the Males and Hannah Whaley for the overall female win! 44 of you lovely people came along for Round 2 and gave it your all. The staff where impressed how hard everyone was pulling for the comp just after Xmas! No doubt everyone was feeling a little bit weaker after the festive holidays, so pulling hard was needed! David Fowler was the man on ‘Play your cards’ but unfortunately the pressure got to this humble humble man, so it’s all up for grabs during round 3!


WBL R2 Results

Senior Female
1st – Hannah Whaley
2nd – Ella Gilbert
3rd – Emma Pestell
Senior Male
1st – Gary Smith
2nd – Matt Catchpole
3rd – Jude Clark
1st – Joe Martin
2nd – Craig Smith
3rd – Seb Duncan


Youth A Female
1st – Maddie Benjamin
2nd – Erin Collins
Youth A Male
1st – Alex Corless
Youth B Male
1st – Finn Duncan
2nd – Stan Reed


Youth B Female
1st – Lily Bird
2nd – Katie Fisher
3rd – Hannah Brown
Youth C Male
1st – Jack Baby
2nd – Kieran Hodgson
Youth C+ Female
1st – Charlotte Bowden
2nd – Lottie Bruce

Full table of scores

NAMETEAM NAMEROUND/EVENTAGEGENDER123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930Flash2nd3rdOTHERBONUSPOINTS
Steve Newell2SeniorM31112122111111131111111183200209
Tom Wingfield2SeniorM1111112111121111111172000184
Finn DuncanPink Fluffly Unicorns2Youth BM11111211111111112152000164
Maddie Benjamin2Youth AF21121311111111111142100158
Blair Liversidge2SeniorM1111113118010084
Jack Babey2Youth CM1111111111100000100
Charlotte BowdenPink Fluffy Unicorns2Youth CF1111111111100000100
Lottie BruceHighball Squad2Youth CF115111111115100002100
Stan ReedPink Fluffy Unicorns2Youth BM11111111111110000110
Lily Bird2Youth BF21115531111111111111161102171
Katie Fisher2Youth BF11111111112111111161000167
Hannah Brown2Youth BF1131111111111112141100151
Beth BarnardPink Fluffy Unicorns2Youth BF2412111112111111123010143
Lydia Benjamin2Youth BF5111112111149101199
Alex Corless2Youth AM311111112112111111512163101185
Erin CollinsHead Banging Cockatoo2Youth AF11112111119100097
Hannah Whaley2SeniorF1211311111111111111171100181
Ella GilbertGilatkudopoulos2SeniorF2115511111111111121152002164
Emma Pestell2SeniorF5221521251111111111124003148
Craig Smith2VeteranM555111111111111111150003150
Joe Martin2VeteranM5331131511111111111140302152
Seb Duncan2VeteranM21111111119100097
Richard Benjamin2VeteranM3111111157010174
Garry Smith2SeniorM5412111121111111111111211511223012243
Matt Catchpole2SeniorM415111111111111111151131111230112236
Jude ClarkGilatkudopoulos2SeniorM21111214114112111111111112204020232
Bradley DigginesGilatkudopoulos2SeniorM5324111121111111111151111511212113230
Benjy Wilcock2SeniorM54151111121111111111511411412212033230
David Bradbeer2SeniorM11241111111411121111111192020208
Daniel Warncken2SeniorM21221411111211121111111175010207
Travis Bland2SeniorM11113111131111111111180200188
Max PapadopoulosGilatkudopoulos2SeniorM5251111111111111111111191002197
Josh Foster2SeniorM1111151111211131111111191101201
Ryan Goodger2SeniorM1111255111211121111111173002191
Adam Stewart2SeniorM544213132111211111111112154221190
Alex Durrant2SeniorM3121211111131111112143200169
Alex Slaughter2SeniorM151215511121111111111162003174
David FowlerHeadbanging Cockatoos2SeniorM115111111111111111170001170
Max Hipperson2SeniorM22115511114111111111152012166
Jonny BondHeadbanging Cockatoos2SeniorM412312111111111111142110160
Patrick Rome2SeniorM52121121111111111133001151
Jason Downing2SeniorM211111111111111000117
Aaron Hodgson2SeniorM111112111111111000117
Rhys TylerHeadbanging Cockatoos2SeniorM1111111111100000100


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