SBL 2017 – Round 4 Write Up

September 5, 2017 4:26 pm

The feeling

The cordoned off wall stands resolute and strong, in the face of the patiently waiting climbers. A sense of anticipation fills the air, everyone is ready to climb, chalk-bags opened and shoes pulled on. Ben strides up to the rope and hollers “Okay, you can start!”, and pulls down the blockade. Immediately, climbers rush the wall! The first on-sight was done in a matter of seconds, and people steadily filled the whole wall. There was, as always with these events, a warm and friendly atmosphere. People from every category were up on the wall, from the Youth C to the veterans, and all rooting for each other.

The Down-Low

Jim Pratt on the fabled orange route

One of the toughest routes of the Round was the orange to the left of the far-right slab on the comp wall, and Highball regular Jim Pratt made it halfway up, before climbing back down to ask someone to assist him with chalking up, so adamant was he to get the flash! Unfortunately, not long after his grip failed on some horrible slopers, and he fell back to the mats. A* for effort, though, Jim!
A powerful climber by the name of Gary Smith attempted to get the blue in the DMM cave, and was so close! The climb started with and incredible sideways dynamic move, and had a series of seriously complex and strong moves. Gary was extremely close, slapping his hand just at the last hold, but not sticking it! So close! Eventually the beta was worked out, and for your viewing pleasure, here is Highball regular John Golder crushing it:



Wrap Up For Round 4

Summer Bouldering League
All in all, there certainly was lots of excellent climbing in the league today, that cannot be denied, expertly aided by Jo’s amazing pizza-making skills and countless coffee’s circulating the center made by the majestic hands of our wonderful team.
The participants today were unsurprisingly amazing, and absolutely crushed. It was a pleasure to watch the Highball community come together and have a fun time and really show us what they had. We look forward to seeing you all again on the 29th and 30th of September for Round 5 and the Grand Final!
No-one won ‘play your cards right’ this round (what does this mean, I hear you say?) Which means the cash prize rolls over! I envy the person who wins that bad boy.


Louis Harrison & Aaron Porter


“How many comps have you taken part in before?”

Louis: I’ve entered about 4 comps.
Aaron: Quite a few

“Is there a target score you’re after?”
Aaron: I’m not sure…
Louis: I’d like to push to get 220.
Aaron: Yeah, we’d all like to push to get 220, doesn’t mean you can get it
Louis: doesn’t mean I cant try!
*Both laugh*

“What’s your favourite thing about the climbing competitions?”
Aaron: The friendliness and how people are really happy to help out
Louis: Yeah! I love the way that people are so happy to step in and have a good community, its not like other sports, it’s always really easy to sit down and talk to anyone!

“What’s your favourite climb at this competition?”
Louis: The green in the middle, because I flashed it and he didn’t *laughs*
Aaron: Probably the green up the corner, on the right.

“You got any tips or advice for anyone new to climbing or thinking about taking part?”
Aaron: Make sure you warm up properly! You don’t want to do yourself an injury. And watch out for training single finger and two finger climbs.
Louis: Yeah, make sure you warm up properly, and wait until about 6 months in if you’re gonna train your fingers. And climb with a friend! Oh, and definitely get the V12 if you enjoy the climbing and think you’re gonna come regularly, it’s totally worth it.

George Thacker


“How many comps have you taken part in before?”
George: Quite a lot of NuKids, and about 3 of the Summer Bouldering Leagues.

“Is there a target score you’re after?”
Err… I’d like to get in the late 100’s – 200’s.

“What’s your favourite thing about the climbing competitions?”
They’re a great measuring stick of you’re ability, I’m too good for NuKids now, I normally get 300 out of 300, but the Summer Bouldering League is great.

“What’s your favourite climb at this competition?”
I haven’t tried them all yet, but I have to say the DMM cave bit, to the left of the centre arete, is my favourite, that tends to be the best area to climb.

“You got any tips or advice for anyone new to climbing or thinking about taking part?”
Nah. Not really? *Laughs* No comment!

Round 4 Results

John Golder absolutely crushed this round, coming top with 259 points, in the Youth A category. Lizzie Nichols also absolutely dominated, coming top of the Female scores with 215 points, also in the Youth A category. First place for Male Seniors goes to Gary Smith, who scored 252. First place for the Female Seniors goes to Juliet Scott, who scored 183.

Tim Bishop, the only Veteran participant scored an excellent 133! Lucas Diggines of the Male Youth B category scored 183, Alissa Mardle of the Female Youth B category scored 147.

Keris Moore, Female Youth C, scored an excellent 154! And Sam Pestell, of the Male Youth C category did a stunning 109.

The only team to enter this round was Team Bradley! They did a brilliant job, and absolutely crushed it. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Thank you to everyone who took part this round, see you in Round 5!
Click here for results PDF.

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