Our NuKids comps are aimed at climbers of any age who can climb up to an absolute maximum of Font 6b/V4; it’s for those relatively ‘nu’ to bouldering or more experienced climbers who climb for fun and don’t take it too seriously.

What is It?

Our #NKOTB Comps are one of our most popular events. Last year’s NuKids Big ‘Flash Special’ was fully booked. In fact, it was overbooked and VERY busy with just over 160 climbers taking part. And, we even had to turn people away at the door because they hadn’t registered online #SadFace.

This year, we are going to have two sessions to try and accommodate more climbers. Each session will have a maximum of 100 climbers. At the end of the 2 sessions, the scores will be combined and the overall winners will be called to the podium before The Flash Championship Final on the Sunday Evening.

Who can enter?

Anyone of any age! As long as you’re generally climbing up to/around 6a (V0 to V2/3) then this competition is for you. However, if you can fairly consistently flash most 6a’s and some 6b’s (V3+4’s) then this may not be for you; you’ll risk being a ‘TopGun’ (see below) and should probably be entering [The Big Flash Championship].

How does it work?

Register online and choose your session: A or B. Turn up, collect your scoresheet, make a donation to the Festival Fund and then get climbing. Yes, its that simple.

There are 25 problems to climb and you ‘self score’ based on the number of attempts it takes to climb them. You get 10 points if you ‘Flash’ it (climb it on your first attempt); 7 points for a successful second attempt, 4 points for a 3rd attempt, 2 points if you manage to climb it within the session (unlimited attempts) and then 1 point if you only manage to get to the bonus hold, but do not ‘top’ the problem.

What’s stopping someone ‘good’ from entering, flashing everything and winning?

After setting the 25 blocs, the setters will grade them all and come up with a secret score which becomes the ‘TopGun line’. For example, if the setters think the TopGun should be 174 points, anyone who scored higher would be classed as a ‘TopGun’ and therefore deemed too good for the comp – it’s a positive disqualification!

We know lots of you enter the #NKOTB comps just to achieve ‘TopGun’ status (and for the raffle!), but as spaces are limited for the festival weekend, please make sure you enter the right comp and leave the spaces for those who need them, unless that is, you’re going to enter both competitions!

Am I a TopGun?

Only you will know that! If you think you’re in a grey area, just enter and see how you get on.

Rules and How to Score

Check out the standard rules page for info on how to self score and also the basic rules. Click here to read the rules.

What’s up for grabs?

There will be cash prizes for top 6 finishers (see below), but everyone who enters has a chance of winning something. Each scoresheet has a raffle ticket attached for the big prize draw, which will take place just before The Flash Championship Final on the Sunday Evening. And then there’ll be the chance to ‘Play Your Cards Right!’

Male Senior16+ Female Senior16+ Veteran (M) 45+ Veteran (F) 45+ JuniorU16 (On 1 Sept 15) JuniorU12 (On 1 Sept 15)
1st £50 £50 £50 £50 £50 £50
2nd £35 £35 £35 £35 £35 £35
3rd £25 £25 £25 £25 £25 £25
4th £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
5th £10 £10 £10 £10 £10 £10
6th £5 £5 £5 £5 £5 £5



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